Saturday, September 14, 2013

Too Busy To Get Cleaned Up ?

(Embarrassed to show you this picture! But it's cleaned up now!! See update at bottom.)

Last night the temperature dropped to the mid-fifties.  A drastic change to what it's been at night for weeks or months now.  We definitely didn't need the A/C.  Or even the ceiling fan which has been constantly humming us to sleep in the bedroom all summer long.

This morning I was in our room drying my hair and just happened to look up at the unmoving ceiling fan.  Oh. My. Goodness.  What an unexpected sight I saw!  Dust literally hanging from each blade of the fan!  I could hardly believe that it had gotten so dirty without my even realizing it!  I have often glanced up at the fan as it made its convolutions day in and day out but never once was able to see the dust with the fan moving.  Only when it came to a total stand-still did the dirt show up.

I'm afraid....very afraid....that my life is a lot like the ceiling fan in our bedroom!  I've been busy all summer.  Going and doing.  Gardening and preserving. Going to church, working, and visiting friends. Good things every one of them. But the point is...I've been BUSY!  Too busy to just completely stop and have some time alone with Jesus!  I need to do that so I can see where the ''dust'' has built up in my life! I don't need to just slow down but instead completely stop for a while!  Sit at the feet of Jesus like Mary did.( Luke 19:39 "And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus' feet, and heard his word.")  And let Him show me where I need to get the cobwebs out of my life.  Let Him clean me up through the "washing of water by the word"...when I search the scriptures for instruction. (Ephesians 5:26)

I have learned a couple of lessons today.  Obviously, I need to turn my ceiling fan off more often to check for dust.  And most importantly, that I need to stop all my busyness more often to give God an opportunity to clean me up so I can be a better worker in His Kingdom.

Here's the ''after'' picture of my ceiling fan.  I'll feel so much better now knowing it's clean!

And in the meantime....I'm gonna enjoy this cool, crisp air that's blowing through my open windows this beautiful sunny afternoon!

God bless you!