Monday, June 23, 2008


When the weather is nice I like to go outside first thing in the morning and take my coffee, cereal, Bible, devotion book, pen and paper out to the table on the deck in back of our house. I'm not really an outdoor person but this early morning, cool, quiet time out on the deck suits me. It's calm. I can have solitude before the rest of the days gets so hectic.

Almost every morning I see one or two little hummingbirds come to the feeder in the chestnut tree and drink and drink to their hearts content. They love that good sweet sugar water I make and put out there for them. I love to watch them. They're so tiny but so fast. It seems they stay thirsty all the time.

As I watched the tiny hummingbirds drinking their nectar, I looked down at my Bible and thought...."Do I come out here every morning as thirsty for God's Word as these little fellows are for their food?" I have to admit that my answer would be, "Probably not". It should be a big resounding "Yes!" Maybe some of you find yourself in the same boat as me in that area. I know that I tend to put other things ahead of drinking from the fountain of God's Word every day. I even have problems drinking enough plain ole water in the summer time! That sometimes gets my body dehydrated and makes me feel bad. How much worse it makes me feel when I let my spirit get dehydrated because I don't drink from God's fountain of wisdom often enough!

So, today, I am taking my instructions from my little feathered friends in the back yard and trying to drink a lot of water and also drink an abundance of God's Word.

"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled." Matthew 5: 6

May God bless you and quench your thirst today!



Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

I know it was from an earlier post but life has been so hectic, I decided to make time to comment today! Huckleberry/blueberry pie - YUMM!!! Just ask my Mom how good it is though after your youngest puts SALT on it!!! Oh, the memories of childhood!
Polk Salad - not so much!!! Y'all can have that all you want! I'll stick with my little iceberg lettuce and LOTS of ranch dressing!

Hope your week is awesome and filled with God!!!

Pamela in TX

De'on Miller said...

Oh, this is all so true. Life is so hectic, and God is good and the hurt in our spirits sends us to any word he'd feed us with through faithful souls. Our Bibles are the best way, but yes, we need the devotion and devotionals of others!

Thank you. I love the birds too!