Friday, November 14, 2008

A Sticky Predicament

I'm afraid I may have overeaten today! We just finished a good old country dinner of fresh turnip greens, turnips, macaroni & cheese and cornbread! Mmmmm. Nothing like a good hot pone of cornbread fresh out of an old cast iron skillet!

Do any of ya'll cook with cast iron anymore? I have one skillet that I use only to cook bread in....either cornbread or biscuits. Lately I have gotten so frustrated with that skillet! For any of you who might not cook with cast iron I'll tell you has to be "seasoned" first so everything doesn't stick. Then after that the food turns loose much easier. So for a long, long time I prided myself on this one skillet being so easy to use. I would cook a pan of cornbread and when it was done all I had to do was just gently tip the skillet over and the cornbread would fall out onto the waiting plate just as pretty as you please!

Then a few months ago I guess I must have accidentally used the skillet to cook something else. Some kind of meat or some vegetables. I'm not sure what it was. The next time I cooked cornbread and tipped the skillet over expecting the bread to fall out on the plate as usual, I was sadly surprised to find that it didn't! It just sat there! Stuck in the pan! I had to grab my trusty thin bladed spatula and try to coax it gently from the pan. But gently would not do. I had to forcefully practically scrape it out of the pan. And then instead of a beautifully smooth and crispy crust on the bread I had a crumbly torn-up mess! Plus another mess in the pan to clean up instead of being able to just rinse and dry as usual.

It's taken a long time but the pan is almost....not totally....but almost back to the "seasoned" condition I like. Most days it only takes one very gentle touch of the spatula under the cornbread and it pops out nice and pretty. One day it did actually fall out like it used to do all the time and I wanted to celebrate!

I wonder if God ever thinks about us in that way? Sometimes we seem to be fully "seasoned" in the Word of God and we are able to let the worries and cares of this world just slide off our shoulders. And then at other times it seems like we let any and everything bothersome stick to us! Then we have to spend our time scraping and chipping away at the mess that, had we been "seasoned" right, would never have stuck!

Last night I had a nice visit with one of our sons. I was confiding to him that I was surely concerned and fearful about a lot of things that were happening in our nation and world today. And how that I dreaded hard times and persecutions that might come our way. As you can tell, things were sticking to me pretty badly! His reply to me was that the worst thing I could do was sit and worry and fear what might happen someday! That God had not given us the spirit of fear and bondage but of freedom. He didn't use these words but he basically reminded me that if God brings us to it, He will bring us through it! What an encouragement that was to me. Son was certainly all "seasoned" up and able to let the cares and worry slide right off his back!

I think that is what God wants of Christians. When we are all "seasoned up" we need to go and help encourage others who have gotten "stuck" in the cares of the world. Thanks son for encouraging Mama last night!

"For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together. For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us."
Romans 8: 15-18 (KJV)

May God bless you!



Joyful said...

I always love it when God teaches us a spiritual truth in an everyday moment.

Your son sounds very wise - in some cases it's good when things 'stick' - like the years of training you imparted that obviously still take up residence in his heart.


Deborah said...


Yolanda said...

What a great visual! I am a visual woman!

I also, love love love to cook and try new recipes. AND.....I truly do bake my cornbread in my cast iron skillet!

Blessings Miss Marilyn!


Aliene said...

I like to apply day things to the spiritual but I surely hav e not thought of the iron skillet. Yes, I cook my cornbread in an iron skillet. I also use the iron pots I have to cook in. Mama always die and I guess I got it from her. I have several pieces. Youmake me hungry for greens and cornbread. Just might go put some on, only we have mustard greens in our garden. I like to put turnip roots in mustard greens.
Thanks for your sweet remarks on our 50th wedding anniversary.

Loretta said...

Marilyn, I enjoy reading your thoughts. Thanks also for making me sooooo very hungry!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I was feeling like you about the things that we may be facing, BUT if we would just put everything in GOD’s hands and quit trying to fix everything with out his help we would be a whole lot better. Thanks again for your words and may GOD BLESS you and your family.

Sharon said...

Always enjoy your blogs - can relate to the iron skillet. I have a small one I use to make cornbread. Don't use it for anything else. Just the right size for Bro. Dave and I.

Martha said...

Marilyn, That plate of food looks sooo good. I agree about the bread skillet - but I also have a fried potato skillet. There is nothing better than fried potatoes in a black iron skillet. Started off slow and get tender and then browned. These potatoes are even better if they stick a little. But what I really wanted to comment on is the spiritual maturity of our children. God is so good. We made so many mistakes but God covered them and they have grown into Christian, upright adults. This is a true blessing from God when your child advises and encourages you. Love Martha

Evelyn said...

I LOVE the comparison there! You did good.... and with a sense of humor - at least I thought it was funny! I'm sharing this with our church ladies.

And yes... I mainly use cast iron & enameled cast iron.... maybe that's why it struck me so funny - I can relate!

Bringer of Peace said...

Thanks for sharing. I sense I need a lot more 'seasoning'. Some folks have been causing me to 'stick'. Yes, I have four 'frying pans' that I use for various cooking projects so I'm aware of what you are saying.

Jana said...

I love using cast iron! Tell David congrats on the cabin! It's beautiful! Reminds me of Little House on the Praire! ;)

Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

The picture of turnip greens is making my mouth water!! I was raised in Hattiesburg, MS. My husband is from Indianapolis, IN. Needless to say, I don't get to have turnip greens too often in this house. I am looking forward to next week. I will be visiting family in TN and AL. I am hoping for turnip greens, butter beans, fried okra, and cornbread. And yes, I do still cook with an iron skillet. I think my Granny would smack me if I didn't. Doesn't every truly Southern girl?

Kay Martin said...

Now seasoned cast iron skillets will never communicate north of the Mason Dixon line....but I sure know about it. You made me so hungry...I could smell that great food.

I had to laugh as I read through your post. When my adult children speak back to me something I drummed into them over and over we both have to laugh. How good that the truth wss so embedded in him that he could bring it up to comfort you.

Since you are so kind to comment on my blog you know I've been writing on God being with us in good times and tough ones. He is not only with us, but He is our provision, protection and guide.

What's next? is a temptation that we must not fall victim to...if for no other reason than the poor witness to those looking to us that do not know Him.

Such a great "real" post. I could relate from frying pan to children encouraging you with your own words.

Leah said...

Hi Marilyn,

I have a gazillion iron skillets and love to use them but I do have my favorites among them.

Hope you are well. Haven't seen a post from you in a week or so. I bet you are just as busy as the rest of us.