Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is It All About Him ? Or Me?

*** See AWESOME UPDATE Below ***

It seems like I have been in a semi-depressed mood lately. You, my faithful readers, have probably noticed that! Yesterday was the third Monday in a row that I spent in a doctor's office and that's getting a bit old! And I'm sure that ya'll are getting tired of hearing about that! So....yesterday I started praying for the Lord to give me something to write about. Something about HIM instead of ME. And He did.

But first I want to explain the picture today. Tuesday morning is our "Esther" Bible study day at Sav-A-Life. I can hardly wait for it to get here each week! It's been such a blessing to me! Today we had a short refresher course for the volunteers afterward by our Director, going over all the things we need to make sure to do when we see a client in our center. So I was a little later than usual getting home. Since I had not felt well yesterday I didn't cook dinner ahead of time like I normally do in preparation for Bible study day. Fortunately there's a great drive-through place in town that has all their extra-large hamburgers for 1/2 price on Tuesdays so I had told hubby I would stop there and pick up lunch.

When I got home and walked in the kitchen, the first thing I noticed was the little bouquet of flowers hubby had left sitting on the counter for me! I'm not sure where he found the very old bottle he had put them in, but isn't it cute! The pink flower is a peach blossom. Does anybody know what the purple flower is? I sure don't know. It's not something I have planted but it doesn't really look like a wildflower either. Anyway, I just wanted to share my sweet surprise with you today!

Now to what the Lord revealed to me. Yesterday while driving to the doctor's office and listening the the radio in the car, I heard a preacher make this statement...."It's NOT about you! It's about HIM!" What he meant was that we get so caught up in our lives and what is happening...or not happening...to us at the moment that we forget who we are and why we are here. A light seemed to turn on in my mind! Yes! That's it! Why do I not remember that? This life, this world....it's not about US.....it's about HIM!

I fear that sometimes I get so caught up in my life and what is happening to me that I only think about what I would like for God to do to make me feel better or to straighten things out or get me out of a mess I've made! I forget that I am here to do what God wants done and not the other way around.

I didn't try to write anything last night and then left early this morning for Bible study. Still, the thought was fresh in my mind. As I drove home today from Bible study with the radio on, AGAIN I heard yet a different speaker say the same thing! A different program, a different man, a different radio station, a different day! And the message was the same. Oh, not all of it. Just his phrase...."It's not about YOU...it's about HIM!" WOW! It gave me holy-goosebumps as Beth Moore says! :)

And so, as we look at things in that light it all seems to take on a different glow, a different shade. I feel more at ease. More comforted. Somehow more restful.

This verse came to my mind: Isaiah 43: 7 "Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him."

We were created for Him.....to bring Him glory.....not the other way around!

Hallelujah what a Saviour!



While cleaning and rearranging my books I use for Bible study or teaching, I came across a journal I had used while working in Beth Moore's Breaking Free study. For the third day in a row the same words came to me from a yet different source.

In case you can't read the writing in red ink in my journal it says: "God is God. Frankly, it's all about Him!" (~quoting Beth Moore~)


Deborah said...

God is so good! Funny how he can use any little thing to get our attention isn't it?!

Lelia Chealey said...

Oh wow! I have been thinking on this very thing & just heard the most awesome message on it Sunday when we attended our friends' church. He said "we must empty ourselves". Loved this post!
And loved the thoughtfulness of your husband..the flowers and bottle are beautiful!

Rhonda Jackson said...

Thank you, Marilyn. That is just what I needed to hear today! Bless you!

Kay Martin said...

Bless you, Marilyn, and I agree I love it when the message God wants me to hear pops up in unconnected places. He loves you so...you're easy to love.

Ease off yourself a bit. I believe when our physical health is threatened that the pain, weariness, and "what-if's" take up much of our life strength. In fact, I find that I have to get simplistic in my private worship and Bible study in those times.

Humbling, but important, I have to call out to God and to others in those times of physical illness. I intercede for others often, but when I am ill I have to humble myself to call on others to pray with and for me.

I am praying for you and I believe you will be strong soon...the Joy of The Lord is your strength.

Be blessed.

Leah said...

Well, head over to my other blog, Think Crazy Love, and you will hear it AGAIN in today's post/discussion questions. Seems the Lord is trying to get a message across to many of us.

www.thinkcrazylove.blogspot.com or use the link on The Point blog sidebar.


Yolanda said...

I have God-skin as I wrote these very words in my journal this morning, it is not about me Lord, forgive me for having made it be so. It is all about YOU.

And, Sister, I've been praying for you and wondering how you are doing....remember the lesson on fear from Esther?

....BUT GOD.

Trust Him, and I'll trust Him with you!

Love ya

Susan said...

Oh Marilyn,

I'm so blessed the Lord so graciously ministered to you.

Yes, it is all about HIM!!

You have a tender heart for Jesus.

I love the flowers your husband brought you, how special!!!

Thanks for sharing♥

LisaShaw said...

Sweet Sister,

What a hubby!! The flowers are beautiful and so are you! Your heart of transparency is refreshing and delightful.

Yes it is all about JESUS and not about us as it should be but you're right there are moments when as Joyce says, we get into the "it's all about me, it's all about me" but daily we have to surrender ourselves to the LORD and remember it's all about THEE O Lord! It's all about THEE.

When we keep Him first then He takes care of the rest any way.

I'm praying for you dear sister. Love you.

Liesa George said...


Bringer of Peace said...

I agree with you that He is so special.

Not totally sure, but the purple flower looks a bit like what I call a 'grape hyacinth - special spring flowers that often 'go wildish' after being planted since they divide easily. I think of them as Special harbingers of spring - "I love you" messages from my Jesus.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Yes, that bottle is darling, and no, I don't what to call the purple thingy, but it is lovely. So are you, Marilyn, and while I know...truly know...it's all about Him, sometimes it's nice to know we get a little encouragement along the way. You've always been that for me; I hope to always be that to you in return.

Keep to the road, friend. I love your heart and your willing pursuit of Jesus and his holiness.

peace to you this weekend~elaine