Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little Surprises

As I was looking through a book of poems by Amy Carmichael I noticed one she titled, "His Surprises". It sort of caught me off guard. She talks of how each ordinary day is filled with wonderful little surprises from the Lord. It made me stop and wonder how many of these little surprises I overlook each and every day!

I thought of the extremely cold weather we have had and of the beautiful lacy frost left on my windows. A surprising piece of art straight from God.

I thought of how I enjoy watching the flames of the fire in our wood heater flicker and leap when I open the door to put more wood in. A different show of embers, fire and flame each time.

I thought of the tinkling, silvery sound of my wind chimes on the back porch as the wind keeps them continually moving.

So many lovely things God gives me each day. Too many to write down. "His Surprises". We must remember to recognize them as such.....His little love notes to His children.

Remember to look for your "surprises" today !

Here is the poem:

"His Surprises"
(by Amy Carmichael)
The day is drenched in Thee:
In little, exquisite surprises
Bubbling deliciousness of Thee arises
From sudden places,
Under the common traces
Of my most lethargied and 'customed paces.


Yolanda said...

You are one of my surprises, often many days.

Love YOU,

Peggy said...

Very good to remember especially when we are feeling a little down. Just the day itself is a gift from God.
Thanks for the reminder!
Your Friend,

Cindy said...

Isn't it amazing that the Sovereign God of the universe takes the time to give us little surprises? He's awesome like that.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'll be looking for them this evening into tomorrow. I think we just forget to look most days!


Liesa said...

Awwww, what a blessing! God is so good...even in ordinary things, he blesses us so. The next few weeks are busy, but I'm about ready for us to get together again! We'll plan for that soon, ok? Have a great weekend.

lisasmith said...

beautiful. i need reminding =)

have a great time with your family tonight...just saw it on FB!!

Alene said...

LOVE this! Yes, I love surprises and I need to keep my eyes wide-open continually looking for them. God has placed them everywhere! This is beautiful - thanks friend.