Friday, April 2, 2010

"My Soul Says He Won"

One of my now favorite Easter songs ..."My Soul Says He Won"...has been running through my mind for several days now so thought today...Good Friday....might be a good time to share it with y'all. I wish there was a link for you to connect and listen to it but there's not that I could find. It gives me chill bumps and makes me want to shout when I hear it sung! So without any more words from me here it is:


(Words & music by Patti Hawkins, Nettleton, MS)

Opinion and rumor, spread far and wide
When the word came that Jesus, had been crucified
Ones who had loved Him, were stricken with grief
Those who had feared Him sighed with relief.

Some cried “It’s over, I guess we were wrong.”
Some proudly boasted that they knew all along.
But the story continues, and to make it complete
I now can tell you, things weren’t as they seemed.

The crowd said “Defeated!”
The world said, “He’s gone”
Satan said, “I’ve conquered
This world as my own”

The cross said, “It’s finished”
Death said, “It’s done”
But the tomb said, “I’m empty!”
And my soul says, “He won!”

Now when opinions spread through the land
Saying that Jesus was merely a man
I’ll stand as a witness, for I know for sure
His life giving power forever endures.

When the crowd says “Defeated!”
And the world says, “He’s gone”
And Satan thinks he’s conquered
This world as his own

At the cross it was finished
Death thought it was done
But the tomb STILL stands empty
And my soul says, “He won!”

Amen and Amen! My soul certainly does rejoice that Jesus WON over death, sin and the grave to give us the opportunity of everlasting life! "Amazing grace how sweet the sound! That saved a wretch like me!"

Happy Easter to everyone! May you feel His power in your life!


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Karin said...


Mari said...

Thanks for sharing. Glorious Easter weekend to you and your family too.

Yolanda said...

GLORY GLORY GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Beautiful marilyn, I don't believe I have heard this song sung, But the words are beautiful.
Thank you for sharing.
May you and your family have a most joyful and blessed Easter Sunday.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

My soul shouts "He Won!"

A great Easter week for me, my family, and my faith. I'm now ready for the new things of Spring.


Leah @ Point Ministries said...


I am very behind on bloghopping since we were out of town for several days. I hope you and your family had a spectacular EAster worshipping our risen Lord!!