Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Am Reading.....

Reading. One of my most favorite pleasures. Something I used to do in every spare moment! So what's happened to my reading time? Seems I don't get as much done as I want to any more! It's so much easier for me to read from the computer monitor nowadays since I don't have to bend my head down as when reading a book. Looking down and reading gives me a neck and/or headache. But books are my friends and I don't intend to ever totally stop reading if at all possible!

This summer my friend Evelyn and I enrolled in the summer Bible study at Beth Moore's LPM blog. The study Beth picked for the ladies to do was "Ruth: Loss, Love & Legacy" by Kelly Minter. Last Tuesday was the last day for the study. BUT, sadly, I am still not done with it! Can you say S.L.O.W.??? So, firstly, I have been reading my Bible and the Ruth Bible study.

For my birthday my friend Terri gave me Beth's newest book "So Long Insecurity". Oh my goodness! Has Beth been a fly on my wall for a few years now? She has me pegged in no uncertain terms! I am learning so much about myself in this book. My goal is to let the Lord help me to have a new security in HIM !

In May of this year I purchased Elaine Olsen's book "Peace for the Journey". It's written as a devotional/Bible study type of book and needs to be savoured and not devoured in just "one gulp"! I have used some of Elaine's words of wisdom in the ladies Sunday school class I teach.

And last but not least is a small book that had a large impact on me when I read it. I was shopping at a Flea Market one day a few weeks ago and on the floor near the check-out register was a rather large cardboard box with a sign that read "Free Religious Books: Take One". And so I did ! It was called "Will You Still Be My Daughter?" (although I'm not sure I would classify this book as "religious") I would very much recommend this book to all mothers and daughters. Especially mothers of daughters who are beginning to search for their own independence. One of the 'reviews' on the Amazon site says this book "is actually a parable about an acorn that falls from a beautiful, strong oak. The oak loves her daughter and wants to protect her from pain and disappointment. However, as in real life, we can only hope that our children will have the strength (roots) to persevere."

That's my reading list at the present. And of course all the many precious Christian ladies blogs that I try to read once or twice a week. What are y'all reading right now? I'd love for you to leave a comment and let me know.




Liesa said...

Your book list sounds & looks wonderful!!!!
I am reading Traveling Light by Max Lucado, Finding God's Path Through Your Trials by Elizabeth George, and I'm finishing up A Hopeful Heart by Kim Vogel Sawyer.

Have a blessed Lord's Day dear friend!

Melanie said...

I think Beth has been spying on me too! ;) LOVE this book. I'm reading Fearless by Max Lucado and it is awesome.

in His precious, unfailing love,

~ ~

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You have as many books going as I do...I plan to get some reading done this next week.

A few hours to blog hop tonight....Love it!
Hope you will stop by for a visit...I am giving away another copy of In a Heartbeat on Monday night...
Happy Sunday

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Friend, I've got books stacked up around me and very little desire to get through them right now. I've read a couple this summer. Hopefully, I'll get to my stack once school starts!