Monday, November 1, 2010

Recycling My Wardrobe

I've been doing some sewing. Last year about this time I bought the striped material you see in the picture to make a skirt to match the maroon blouse. And I'm JUST NOW making it! Can you say S.L.O.W.?? I'll blame it on age! ha

The outfit needed something gold at the top to balance it out I thought. I tried a gold necklace but that didn't seem right. A scarf was what I wanted. I looked at all my scarves but none of them were the right color or else they were some kind of print that would never match a striped skirt. The ivory scarf (above)with the metallic gold stripes was the "kind" of scarf I wanted for this outfit, but the wrong color. It was too light!

Then I had a bright idea! Why not recycle it and make it the color I needed? Sooooo....I decided to do it the old fashioned way! I got a pan of water, a large teabag, and some turmeric spice and prepared my homemade dye. A little brown from the tea, a little yellow from the turmeric and I should have just about the color I was looking for!

After the mixture came to a boil, I put the ivory scarf in and let it "steep" for about three minutes.

Then out came the new golden colored (recycled) scarf!

I need to press the wrinkles out but am safisfied with the color I have now! (What do you think?) I feel like a pioneer woman almost with my naturally colored scarf! ha

While looking for a verse with "yellow" in it to use here today, I came across this one in Psalm 68:13 "Though ye have lien among the pots, yet shall ye be as the wings of a dove covered with silver, and her feathers with yellow gold."

This verse always reminds me that it doesn' matter where we come from....whether we have been cast aside to lie "among the pots" or even what some would call the garbage heap....that when Jesus comes into our lives we are changed completely and forever to be as beautiful in spirit as though we had wings of silver and feathers of yellow gold! I will be reminded of this as I wear my "new" scarf this fall !



Sr. Ann Marie said...

Now that's what I call clever!

Deborah Bolack said...

What a fun project! I never would have thought of using turmeric for dye.

LisaShaw said...

Oh Marilyn, the words you shared here are so comforting! I loved the reminded me of my childhood. Grandma was a seamstress and often she would make her own dye and dip a scarf or blouse and go from one color to another.

I had to smile as I read your post because I remember when I was in grade school (private school) and I had to have a pair of yellow socks for a play I was in. I had a bunch of white bobby socks. Grandma grabbed a pair, whipped up some dye and the next morning I had yellow socks to wear.

Thanks for bringing me back to a warm memory.

Blessings to you and love your cute outfit!

Susan said...

Oh my, I'm so impressed!! Great job, and it matches perfect.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always enjoy your visits.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You rock my world; that is awesome! Oh I shudder to think what a mess I would make should I start boiling tea bags in search of a new wardrobe! And sewing? Girl, you are the real pioneer woman and get all my awe this morning.

I love your resourcefulness; even more so your heart!

Keep to the colors of this life; God is so vibrantly displayed in each one of them!


Alene said...

Oh my word - you are so talented. I would have no idea how to make home made dye, let alone get the color I needed. You rock girl!!!! Love the outfit.