Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School Days

It never fails. When this time of year rolls around, I always think about school. Sometimes I think about my own days as a school girl. Those first years spent in school rooms with high ceilings, oiled wooden floors, and no air conditioning. By Junior High we had a new school building but still no air conditioning. But I really don't remember suffering from the heat too much. We just adapted back then.

When our three children came along and got old enough for school, we decided we wanted to homeschool them. We sure got lots of disapproval and discouragement from lots of people. Many told us it would never work. They told us our kids would not get the proper education. That they would be "left behind". And that they needed more than anything else the "socialization" they would be missing. I'll be the first to admit that it was not always easy...for me or for our kids. But if I had to decide again I'd decide to homeschool even though it was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done.

I've had my kids tell me that when they told other children that they had school at home they would sometimes get a reply like: "I wish I could homeschool...I would lay on the couch and watch TV all day!" To which my child would reply, "Not if you had our Mother!!" ha I usually arose early, cooked breakfast, woke the kids up, we ate, they got dressed and we started school around 8:00 every morning. We began with pledges to the American and Christian flags and then had a short devotion. It was such a delight in the lower grades to be able to be the one to see "the light come on" in my child's head when he/she first learned to put the letters and sounds together to make words. Or to realize that numbers served more purpose than just being able to recite from one to one hundred. It was hard work for us all but looking back, to me it was worth it.

When I was teaching them from day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year, I thought it would never end. Now as I look back it seems like it passed so quickly. I'll never regret the time I got to spend with my children as they grew up.

I'm thinking that God feels the same way about His children. He doesn't regret any of the time He's spent teaching us, listening to our prayers, fellowshipping with us. In fact, He loves us so much He made a way for us to spend eternity with Him if we just accept His provision in His death on the cross! His advice to us pertaining to education can be found in 2 Timothy 2:15..."Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth." So as the time for School Days rolls around again this year I want to find myself studying the Word of God with God as my Teacher.

During the seventeen years I homeschooled our children, this verse became one of my favorites: " I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." 3 John 1:4. I'm pretty sure that's one of our Heavenly Father's favorites also! I encourage you to get in the Word. That's where Truth is found.

God bless you as you study and learn in God's classroom !



elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Who knew?! That's awesome, Marilyn. I homeschooled one year and would do it again if my kids were on board. They are in a private school now, and if it wasn't so good, I'd homeschool them in a minute.

How thankful I am for our Father/Teacher who has been so patient with me throughout the years. It seems as if I'll always be a student in the classroom of God. I can't think of a better Teacher!

Love you.


Sue said...

Grat analogy Marliyn, I have the greatest admiration for moms, who homeschool their children. It takes a lot of love, patience and time to do it. If I could go back I would have home schooled ours.I know you are reaping the dividends of your investment.and of your labor of love.
I am still learning at my Fathers school, and am looking forward to graduating someday.
Thanks for sharing.

Lynda said...


How I enjoyed this! Would you believe that your verse was (and is still) one of the verses that brought me such joy during those days(our own homeschooling)? It is still highlighted in my Bible!

Yolanda said...

I didn't know that either, and how awesome!! 17 years, wow! And then look at how bright your kids are, all three of them, way to go from a BRIGHT Momma!

Love you!

marriana moore said...

as always u are an encouragement to me, and yes your kids did do well in life. i simply homeschool because God made it clear to me that was the right choice or should i say His right choice for my family. i woudln't have volunteered, but God knows what we don't.....trusting that i am doing what He is well pleased with. now, to conquer every other area of life :)

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Love this post....something new about you I did not know. God bless you friend. I could never homeschool, but then again, I've never had children. Sounds like it was a rewarding experience for you and your kids.

Elaine said...



Peggy said...

Great! I also enjoyed seeing the picture. My kids went to a Christian school until the last few years of high school. I volunteered as a substitute teacher and also
worked part-time in the school office. I enjoyed being connected to what they were doing in school. The school was torn down but part of the area behind where the school stood still is exactly as it was then.Sometimes when I go that way I reminiscence about snow days when the kids would play on that bank that still stands. It has been a little while ago hasn't it?

Your Friend,

Anonymous said...

Marilyn, this is so beautiful. You really are a "Wonder Woman." I know your Mom is really proud of you and I'm sure all your family is. I feel honored to be your cousin.

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Bless you sweet friend! I remember those days too and as I see this picture my heart longs for those sweet days!! Tell your kids I love them today!

I Love you too,

peggy s.

Deborah said...

Thanks you so much for this post Marilyn! This coming January will mark the beginning of our 25th year of homeschooling. With school about to start up again...and with a little girl starting her first year, I needed to hear this...to be reminded that spending this time with my children is a privilege and a blessing...not a burden.