Thursday, June 28, 2012

It Sure Is Quiet !

Many times when someone comes to visit us for the first time, the first words out of their mouth when they step out of their car are, ”It sure is quiet here!”  And they’re right. Compared to the hustle and bustle and noise of cities and even small towns, our little farm sure is quiet. And we like it that way.  Psalm 107:30 reminds me of our place: “Then are they glad because they be quiet; so he bringeth them unto their desired haven.” The Lord brought us to this quiet place thirty-six years ago and I am still glad!

But sometimes that same phrase “It sure is quiet!” can take on a different meaning if you have small children in the house. Usually kids make noise.  I can remember a neighbor of ours down the road telling me how she loved to hear our kids outside laughing and singing and playing.  Noise was the norm.  So when the noise stopped and it got very quiet, I knew it was time to go investigate because there might be trouble brewing!

On a more personal note, have you ever been thinking about your relationship with people and even God and said to yourself, “It sure is quiet!”?  Meaning that there is a lack of communication between you and others.  When people stop talking to us, it’s usually a sign something has gone wrong somewhere. Maybe on our side. Maybe on theirs. Whatever the reason, if it’s a relationship we want to continue, we have to get communication going again. If it gets quiet between me and God though, I know that it’s my fault because He always wants to talk to me. It could be that I’ve not been reading my Bible as I should. Or I’ve not been taking time to talk to Him in prayer like I used to .  Whatever the reason it’s up to me to get the conversation going again.

One time when it’s really good to be able to say, “It sure is quiet!” is if I am talking about the restful peace I have when everything is good between me and my God. There’s just a sweetness and quietness about the spirit when we can know that we are saved and trying to find God’s will in our lives.  1 Peter 3:4 “But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.”

I hope that if the words “It sure is quiet” find themselves into your conversation today, it will be because you are either in a quiet, peaceful place physically and/or spiritually and not because your children are finding mischief to get into or that you’re not hearing from God!

May God bless us all with the right kind of  a “quiet” day!



LisaShaw said...

This is POWERFUL Marilyn!!!!!

So much I could say but I'll just say, Amen! You hit the nail on the head in what you shared!

Love you!

Sr. Ann Marie said...

Beautiful reflection! Thank you. I grew up in the city but I remember going to visit my cousins who were spending the summer on their farm. It was so quiet at night I couldn't sleep because all I could here were the crickets. Then when I first entered the convent, I had the same experience--no cars going down the road at night!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog Marilyn. It is very quiet at my house as all my kids are grown and out on their own. But being quiet to hear from God makes it ok. He is always here and wanting to talk or me to listen. I just have to be still and hear. Thanks for this blog. It hit the spot. Martha Greer

Rhonda Cooper said...

Enjoyed this so much!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Oh for a quiet heart before the Lord, to hear what he has to say, especially in these crazy times we're living in. My world gets pretty noisy sometimes, Marilyn. That's why I enjoy my walks so very much... time to just pause and think on and with Jesus!

I also want to know the quiet rest of living, of stepping exactly where my Father leads.

Great post!

PS: Blessings for a beautiful wedding celebration tomorrow.

Yolanda said...

Your heart is rich!

Love ya

mylittlecottage said...

nice post...thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more..blessings from holland