Saturday, November 9, 2013

Losing and Looking

After brushing my teeth before getting ready to go somewhere the other day, I heard something hit the bathroom floor just about the same time that I put my toothbrush back in its holder. Couldn't imagine what it was but knew it was something small and metallic by the sound it made.  Looking down at the floor beside the cabinet, I saw one of my small gold earrings. I'm sure I had lain them on the same shelf as the toothbrush and toothpaste were on and most likely brushed them off with the sleeve of my housecoat when I replaced my toothbrush.  

I picked up the lone earring that I saw and started looking for the other one. Where was it? I leaned over and strained my eyes trying to see it. It should have been near the other one I thought!  Then I did what I really don't like to do because it's so hard for me nowadays to get back up....I got down on my knees!  From the kneeling position it was easy to see the other gold earring. It was up under the lip of the cabinet out of sight until I was down on my knees.

Almost immediately I thought about a spiritual application to what had just happened. There have been times in my life when I am just going along doing my own thing and then I notice that something is missing from my spiritual life.  So maybe I decide that doing a little more here and there for the Lord will bring back whatever it is that seems to be missing.  Most times that doesn't really help a lot.  It's usually not until I get on my knees in prayer and get back into fellowship with God that I ''find'' what was missing in my life.

Not a big revelation I know but I just thought that maybe you could identify with this same thing in your life.

God bless you!



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

That's huge! All too often I fail to go to my knees (physically and spiritually) before God until it is the last resort. Learning to go there first will save so much searching and heartache.

Ceil said...

Hi Marilyn! So nice to meet you today!

I love applying the everyday to the spirit, so I loved your post. Your hearing the earring hit the deck made me think of all the ways the Lord calls me when I'm busy doing other things. He always makes that voice heard, and I am so thankful!

I enjoyed your post very much. Have a blessed weekend!

Deborah said...

Awesome post, Marilyn! Just what I needed...should have stopped by sooner! happy new year!