Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Cold Snap

Brrrrrrrrr ! What happened to the eighty-five degree days we were having last week? We had to build a fire in our wood stove this afternoon after we got home from church! I thought we were probably through with that but yesterday when I read the weather report online I saw we were not! So my husband decided he had better put some more wood in the wood box. Though I'm not crazy about the mess it makes bringing in wood, I love the cozy warmth the wood heater gives off . Just makes me feel so relaxed and "at home"! Most every year when spring comes we will have some really warm weather and then all of a sudden...a cold snap! Sometimes my life seems to be like that. I will get really close to the Lord....busy in His work....and will get so warm in the nearness of Him that I think I will never be cold again. And then all of a sudden....a cold snap! I will forget to pray. I get busy and don't read my Bible. I get irritable and snap at a friend. ( "Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out:" Proverbs 26: 20) Pretty soon I feel as though I'm out in a blizzard without a coat on I'm so cold....spiritually speaking! And then, mercifully, my God will light a fire in the depths of my soul and thaw me out and get me warm again in His nearness. What an awesome God we serve!
"But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all thy works."
Psalm 73: 28

I hope you feel the warmth of God in your soul today!
God bless you....


Mike Moore said...

Great post Marilyn! I look forward to reading each day's post. God bless and best wishes with your blog.

Leah said...


That is exactly what I was praying about this morning in my prayer time. You can feel the "coldness" in your soul coming on and I so do not want that to happen. I just prayed for the Lord to keep me "hot" for Him and His Word.

Your fire in the wood stove sounds so wonderful. I spent many nights by a wood stove at my grandparents home as a child. There is nothing in this world like it.

Have a great week, friend.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Needing some warmth in NC this morning! Needing some warmth in my soul always. I'm headed to his word, even now.

Be blessed this day!


Joyful said...

Your post has reminded me of the childhood game where direction is given for a hidden treasure by informing the seeker if they are 'hot' (close) or 'cold' (at a distance). Nearness is always depicted by warmth. My heart can so often face temperature change - and it can be so subtle. I desire that there not even be one degree of separation.
Staying warm in His embrace,

Roxie said...

Marilyn, Like you I wonder what happened to our hot, muggy spring. A cold snap in April in South Louisiana is something-Brrrrrrrrrr.

Loved your analogy to our spiritual hotness and coldness. That made me think about the scripture that says, To everything there is a season... Thank goodness that God can use each season to draw us closer to him.

Chatty Mom said...

Hi Marilyn -
Thanks for visiting my blog today. I love yours! What a gift to tell a story and bring it back to God. And the bible verse you had was awesome. Really gifted! And I could completely relate!!!!

Are you going or have you been to the proverbs 31 she speaks conference? I am going! Hope to see you there.
-"Chatty mom" (aka Kelly)