Friday, April 11, 2008

Today I'm Looking !

Good morning everyone! And what a beautiful morning it is too. All this rain we are getting lately has made the grass an emerald green and the new baby leaves on the trees a beautiful lime green. And our favorite flowers of the year are in full bloom. We call them “wild honeysuckle” around here but I found out a few years ago they are actually wild azaleas. They are so beautiful in shades from a very pale pink to a bright candy pink. And the delicious smell……ahhhhhhh……you’d just have to smell them for yourself! There’s no way I can describe it. The dogwood trees have opened their cottony white blooms and look like a group of brides in white lace out in the woods. Purple wild violets clumped alongside the gravel roads turn the mundane into a thing of beauty. While admiring all this natural beauty and listening to the birds sharing a song with my delicate wind chimes, I began to think about the awesomeness of our God. A line from an old song came to my mind. You may remember it. “This is my Father’s world, And to my listening ears, All nature sings, and round me rings, The music of the spheres.” It’s just too wonderful for me to be able to take it all in and certainly too much for my mind to comprehend how God spoke all of creation into existence and has kept it in perfect order and maintenance ever since! And what an artist He is! Each season ….each day for that matter… a new masterpiece if we would just take the time to look at it. Some days I am a little blind to God’s handiwork but today I’m LOOKING! What has you “looking” today in your part of the world?


Jana said...

Good to see you back, friend!

Anonymous said...

Hey girlfriend,
Nice blog today. I know I will enjoy hearing things from you, even in India. So good to be reminded of HIM through nature. I'll be looking today too... and singing... This is my Father's World!! Thanks too for the pics of ya'll with Don and Elaine. So nice! Love you today, Peggy

Leah said...


Welcome back. I am in Florida this week and it is lovely. The ocean always makes me think of our Father, our Creator. The roar of the waves and the beauty of it all is just amazing.

Have a great weekend.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

When we are silent, the rocks and the trees and the blossoms of Spring find their voice to boast in their Creator! What a beautiful reminder for me to find my praise...even on days like to day when I am bone weary tired for all the birthday hoopla of the past two days (today is my son's...).

I'm so glad you're back in action again and look forward to visiting in the days ahead.


Joyful said...

Marilyn, do you know what amazes me? The detail. Especially the detail in creation that may never be seen by human eye - in remote, uninhabited places - still God's presence is evident. It truly is our "Father's World".
Hope you've had a blessed weekend,
Love & prayers,