Monday, July 14, 2008

Above the Clouds

Have you ever felt like you had an "Eeyore" complex? I feel that way today! I think it could have something to do with having to go to the of my least favorite things in all the world!.....on a Monday morning. Thankfully it was just for a cleaning. Nevertheless, I still got those familiar butterflies in my stomach on the forty-five minute drive to the office. The sun was shining but I felt like I had a cloud hanging over my head!

And I feel old today! Our oldest son was born thirty years ago today. A woman has to be pretty old to have a thirty-year-old child! Just do the math! ha I have gladness of heart because God gave me this a grown man and father...but a little gloominess as to how very fast the years have flown by.

And...because it's Monday I am behind in laundry and dishes. Always happens after the weekends which are always, always hectic and busy! I need a Sabbath rest! The weekends are good....don't get me wrong....but I just always feel overwhelmed on Mondays!

So today I've been feeling akin to Pooh Bear's friend Eeyore who can never see the bright side of anything. That is until I happened to remember this picture I took last week when the thunder was rumbling and the smell of rain was in the air. The storm clouds were dark as could be.....but also in the picture the sun was brightly shining above the clouds.

And in truth, isn't that the way life is? We....or maybe I should say I....have the tendency to look at the dark side of the cloud instead of remembering that there's always a bright shining light from the sun on the other side!

Here is some advice from Scripture to my gloomy, grumpy Eeyore self today: "Why art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God." Psalm 42: 11

Praising Him for loving spite of me!



Leah said...

I hope you have had a blessed day, my friend, despite going to the dentist. Yikes, I hate going and my dentist is my husband!!! I hate that scraping sound when they clean your teeth. Yuck!!


Anonymous said...

lol, Hey Aunt Marilyn, momma has a 40yr old son and a 38yr old daughter :) lol. We won't even talk about the ages of your oldest neices & nephews :) lol

Happy (belated) Birthday dear John John :)

Love you Aunt Marilyn;

Joyful said...

Well I would have never guessed you were having an "Eeyore" day by the beautiful comment you left on my blog! You may have been 'raining' on the inside but His Son was shining through you as you encouraged me!

Hope your day became brighter!
Love, hugs and prayers,

Deborah said...

Sorry to hear you're having a cloudy day! I'm also sorry you can't hear the songs on my blog...You Remind Me is about that kind of day...and the need for God to remind us of those mountains hidden by the clouds...clouds of my own making...
Hope tomorrow is a Tigger day!!

Cheryl G. said...

Hope your dentist appt. wasn't too bad. When you work around a lot of people every day it seems that at least one someone is having an "Eeyore" day. May we try to be a little light to dispel the storm clouds in their day, knowing that our day is probably just around the corner :)
Hope your day today is full of sunshine!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A grumpy yet wonderfully beautiful sky! Yes, this paints a portrait of truth.

And as for going to the dentist? Well, I'd rather birth a baby. I mean that.


Starr said...

Oh I hear you on the Monday thing Sister! LOL Our weekends are so incredibly busy - it's the ONE day during the week that my pastor hubby works you know! LOL (said, tongue in cheek). Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I've enjoyed looking around on your site and will be back to visit.

Linda said...

It's funny you should call them Eeyore days Marily. I call them the same things - those days I wake up feeling as though there's a little dark cloud hanging over my head following me around wherever I go.
I pray you're having a better day today. I can encourage you; I have a son who turned 38 this year. Surely I can't be that old!