Monday, July 28, 2008


I got messages from my friend Lee at "Prayer Gifts" and my friend Kay at "Thrive Christians" that they both had TAGGED me! So here's the deal.....I'm supposed to tell you six random things about me. I looked and looked in clip art files and Google images for a suitable picture for today's post and didn't find anything I liked so decided to just make one myself! So I guess that's my number one random thing.....

1. I still like to draw and color with crayons!

2. I have ridden in a glass bottom boat.

3. When eating out, my choice of meat is ALWAYS chicken! My kids say that's boring!

4. Red Velvet Cake makes my tummy ACHE every time! (the red food coloring I think!)

5. I cut my own hair.

6. I still have the roller skate key but not the roller skates. (only you other "Seniors" will understand this one! ha)

Thanks Lee and Kay for getting me to put on my thinking cap and think of some random things about myself! It's been so nice to get to know some of the other Christian women bloggers. Each one is a blessing to me in her own unique way!

"A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." Proverbs 18: 24

I'm gonna do this fun Tag a little bit different today. If you read this post it would be so interesting if you would just list your 6 Random Things about yourself in a comment! I look forward to reading all of them!

God bless you.



elaine @ peace for the journey said...

1. I was born on Easter.
2. I will always pick steak over chicken any day.
3. I suffer from terrible insomnia (thus my late night blogging...)
4. Currently reading "The Shack" (jury's still out on this one...)
5. I hate big city traffic.
6. I have a penchant for kind bloggie friends who take the time to leave my son nice comments!

You're the best. Great idea on the tag idea.


Kay Martin said...

1 My birthday falls on Mother's Day every 7 years.
2 I just love to eat out
3 I give myself my own perms
4 I love people, but I must have my quiet alone time.
5 I hate summer when you have to drive with windows up and air conditioning that fresh air
6 I love early morinings.

Leah said...

Well, I am pretty random to begin with but here goes:

1. I color my hair "Steamy Cappuccino".
2. I lived VERY briefly in San Francisco.
3. I love collard greens and have the BEST recipe for preparing them.
4. My greatest (in an earthly sense) sins were committed AFTER I was saved.
5. I am so blown away that God would use me in ministry.
6. I am currently reading "Love and Respect" by Emerson Eggerichs.

Have a great day!!


Rhonda Jackson said...

1. I am 1/16 Indian.
2. I love to stay up late at night all by myself.
3. I am crazy about Karen Kingsbury books.
4. I have never lived anywhere other than Tippah County.
5. I am scared of the dark. (Yes, I know it's silly.)
6. I have bitten my fingernails for as long as I can remember, and I've never been able to stop. I hate it, too.

Hope you have a great day, Marilyn!

Cheryl G. said...

1. I eat the food on my plate one item at a time: all the peas, then all the carrots, etc.
2. As a little girl I wanted to be a concert pianist when I grew up.
3. I actually like rainy days.
4. I am an information junkie - I love learning about just almost anything.
5. I have stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon - in total awe of God's handiwork.
6. I love living in small town Mississippi, even in the sweltering humidity of July!

This was fun - great idea!


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

The glass boat thing is really neat! How cool that must've been! Did you take any pictures that you can post?? I'd love to see some.

Amber said...

1. I've never wanted to change my name. I love it!
2. I text way more than I talk.
3. I am NOT a morning person.
4. I actually like school.
5. I'd rather spend time with babies than adults.
6. I absolutely HATE riding or driving right beside 18 wheelers on the highway!

Alene said...

This was just precious! I too have ridden in a glass bottom boat. I accidentally dropped my gum out of my mouth onto the glass for all the passengers to stare at throughout our journey. Embarassing? OK - I was 8, does that count.

Sharon in VA said...

Random Thoughts!

1. My birthday is Groundhog's Day.
2. I love Jane Austen books!
3. I own an autoharp, though I don't play it much or well.
4. By the end of this year, I'll have been in VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, MD, PA, MN, KA, LA and Hawaii and the Bahamas!
5. I just learned to can this summer.
6. I'm known as "The Bag Lady" at church for my work with our visitor welcome bags!

This is more fun that doing it in an email!

Joyful said...

1. I am an identical twin.
2. I love dark chocolate/orange truffles.
3. I have a diploma in "Sign Language".
4. I never get tired of watching my favourite movies over and over and over again!
5. My first job was working as an English and Math tutor for High School students.
6. I love 'eating out' even though we don't do it often.

Fun to share here. I answered this 'tag' on my blog a few days ago and listed other random thoughts.

Hope you've had a good day!
Love & prayers,