Monday, September 22, 2008

Do I Want to Hold On or Release?

Yesterday at church we had a "Balloon Release". Balloons had been prepared with attached cards containing a Bible verse and our church's name and address. Each child present at church yesterday was given a balloon to release after the services were over. I was a little afraid that some of the really small children might not want to turn their balloon loose and let it sail away into the wild blue yonder! But every one of them released their balloons at the right time and seemed to be thrilled to watch them sail away.....higher and higher until we could see them no more! (Maybe one will land in YOUR front yard! If it does, please write and let us know!)

Sometimes as an adult, though, I don't do the right thing and turn loose of or release things when I'm supposed to! Like when someone does something that really aggravates or offends me. Sometimes I want to hold on to that hurt! I want to hold it close and not let it go. I want to keep it as proof that I was right and they were wrong! But, oh how childish of me! I should just give those hurts and offences to the Lord and let Him take care of them. I should release them and watch as they, like the balloons of yesterday, float up, up, up and are finally gone from my sight.

Please pray for me that I will be able to release more of my burdens and yes, bitterness, to God. Just as none of the children yesterday had selfish attitudes and wanted to "hold on" to their balloons, I want to cheerfully release my thoughts and attitudes to God. I want to have an unselfish and loving attitude so that my spiritual life can "soar" like a bird on the wind!

"But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40: 31



Kay Martin said...

Marilyn...I loved this picture. I am cleaning house and I feel like Neecie on Clean House will show up with that flower in her hair any minute. I have accummulated much and I need to clear out. When I bag up a bunch I sigh wondering why I've held on so long to so much. I'll hold this balloon picture in my mind and sling more and more out the door.

That Good Part said...


Joyful said...

Marilyn, this is beautiful. I love the visual it creates of releasing and truly letting it go.

God called me to some 'letting go' this past weekend, and it's a struggle. I'd like to still be hanging on to the string...but even as a little child, I always thought balloons should be 'free', and God wants me to be 'free' too.

Praying the Lord will help you release all that you are holding on to and that you will serve Him with open hands.

Love ya,

Leah said...


I did this one time but it was with the issues related to my eating disorder. I wrote issues on the balloon in permanent marker and then I released each of them. Symbolically releasing them to God. It was actually very powerful!!


Deborah said...

Amen! Great post!

Pat said...

I found you on Lysa T's blog about her abortion and just wanted to say Thank You for your ministry to women!
Keep up the good work sister! You can tell by Lysa's response, we NEED YOU!!

bundy2123 said...

I loved this picture Aunt Marilyn. Last September, I had a Balloon Release here. I had a lot of participation. Even those that couldn't be here, I had them write a message on a card and tied to a balloon so their loved one would read the message in Heaven.

Seeing the balloons released was magical. Afterwards, we all felt a release.