Monday, April 13, 2009

Touching the Hem of HIM !


I read Beth Moore's blog post last Friday and have not stopped thinking about it since! If you did not read it, you have to check it out! In it she talked about death and about healing. She used the example of the woman who came to Jesus to be healed and touched the hem of His garment. This woman was healed temporarily but still had to face death down the road somewhere. Beth talked about how one of these days we will trade the hem (of temporary healing) for HIM (when we will be forever eternally healed!)

After reading her post, I left the following comment on Beth's blog:

Bravo!! Standing!! Clapping!! Cheering!! What a Saviour we serve and what a day that will be when we touch HIM!!!!!Oh, sister, how I needed to read this today! To be reminded that, at best, we only have a few brief moments on this earth. And to know that.."oh grave, where is thy victory? oh death, where is thy sting?"(Stopping a minute to lift my hands and praise Him!)Since both my mother and my sister died from breast cancer and I have fibrocystic breast disease, I usually have "dramatic" mammograms too. I never get used to the waiting...the fear of what they are going to tell me "this time". But so far, so good and I'm 55 now. I used to ask the Lord to please let me live until my youngest child was at least 18 and He has blessed me 11 years past that!Lately I have been going through a season of medical problems that have been a little scary. Your Esther Bible study has been a GOD SEND for me "for such a time as this". As facilitator I have been privileged to see the DVD's more than once. Sister, I have had church in my living room alone more than once! :) If you think about it, please pray for me next week. I'm having a biopsy of a nodule in my thyroid gland.God bless you sweet Beth! Mississippi
April 10, 2009 5:06 PM

I had already prepared my Sunday school lesson for my ladies class by the time I read her post last Friday but after I read it I seemed to be impressed to print it out and carry it with my Sunday school materials..."just in case"!

Later that night while checking my email I found the following message:

Anonymous said...
Hi Marilyn,You don't know me but I am a "Siesta" from Beth Moore's blog and I wanted to tell you that I was blessed by your post. I don't usually read the comments but I read yours. I had the same biopsy you're having next week last week. I have an enlarged nodule on my left thyroid and it had to be checked and I let fear do a number on me. It wasn't bad at all-the needle is very thin; it's just uncomfortable. God really worked through the nurses that did it; they were very reassuring that more than 95% of these things are benign and I know yours will be too. I also was blessed by you mentioning the Esther study. Right now I'm doing A Woman's Heart (Beth) and was feeling lead to do Esther next. Anyway, long story short, I love when God speaks to me through perfect strangers! Take care and Be Ye Not Afraid! :-)
April 10, 2009 7:55 PM

Wow! Talk about a blessing! Just this message out of the blue. From someone I've never met. Who just "happened" to read my comment when she normally doesn't take the time to read the comments of others! I took it as an encouragement straight from the Lord. It's amazing how He uses total strangers to encouragement one another! That's just like our Lord! Taking care of us when we don't even realize it!

Sunday morning when we got to church, one of our church leaders asked all the Sunday school teachers to cut our classes a little bit short since we were having an Easter musical during the main service. I knew that I wouldn't have time to teach all of the lesson I had prepared on Esther so decided that I would just use Beth's blog post. I explained to the ladies that we were going to have a "Story-Hour" instead of our regular lesson. They all laughed and settled in to listen to the story. I had to stop several times to get the quiver out of my voice. And when I was done, I don't think there was a dry eye in the classroom. (You will have to read the post yourself! You will absolutely get such a blessing from it!)

After we dismissed the class one of the younger ladies headed straight to the "powder room" to fix her makeup. She told me that she had cried all her mascara off but that she had needed to hear that so bad on Easter Sunday. This young woman lost her mother to cancer when she was only 16 years old and she said Easters are always hard for her. I think God had it planned all along for me to read that blog post yesterday!

I am excitedly looking forward to that day ....someday.....when I trade the Hem for HIM!

"Now unto HIM that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, unto HIM be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen!"



Yesterday when I got to the doctor's office my blood pressure was too high for him to do the biopsy even though I had taken my b/p med before leaving home. Sooooo.....he prescribed an anti-anxiety pill for me to take this morning and come back and try again. I don't like meds at all so went crying to Leah to give me all the info on this drug. She calmed my nerves so that I was able to swallow the pill this morning. ha And it worked! I told her last night that I wondered if God was trying to teach me to trust Him to work through my doctor!! Today the biopsy went off without a hitch. I am beginning to feel the after-effects by now....hard to talk so am whispering mostly.....throat seems "scratchy".....a little pain but not much. He said a Tylenol would take care of the pain so am headed to take one of those when I get off here.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have been praying for me! Some of you I have your email address to say thank you but others of you just read the blog. Heather from Beth Moore's blog....if you read this, thank you for your prayers and encouragement. If you have email, please drop me a line at

I'm to call the doctor back next Friday to get results from the lab.

God bless you each and every one!



Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Marilyn, I actually read your comment on the blog that day and was very touched by it. I will put you in my prayer time each morning.

I enjoy coming here to your "place" and am always blessed.

Beth (not Beth Moore! haha)

Lisa said...

I too am excitedly looking forward to trading the Hem for HIM!

My best friend Debbie told me this afternoon she has cancer. I know that somehow God will use this to His glory. She is at peace with it and assured me she still plans on being caught up with me in the rapture. Please keep her in your prayers.

Blessings Dear Friend!

Yolanda said...

Sweet Friend,

Good morning, I continue to pray for your apointment. I love how things just grab our hearts, minds and that they become something we desire to live out.

I too, am anticipating the moment of no longer touching the hem but HIM.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Marilyn,
It's Heather from Beth Moore's blog. I prayed for you last night-was your appt today? Please let us know your results. (I left another comment on your other post here.)

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Hi Heather! Thank you for the prayers! My appointment for the biopsy is on Thursday. But thank you for the prayers last night, too! I needed them.
If you read this comment, and if you have email, would you please email me at

I would love to correspond with you!

God bless!


Kay Martin said...

You write from your heart so well. Yes, this comment touched me also. B

But fear that is not of the Lord when it is destructive, but He put this capacity into us to keep us alive. Don't beat yourself up for normal fear to stay well and alive.

I've thought about fear and how in our modern "psychological" spiritual blended thinking; I wonder if we overlook the positive aspects of normal fear.

Those daredevil folks without normal fear because of their brain makeup don't always live to have a well lit multi candle birthday cake.

Fear of the Lord, and healthy fear that keeps us nudged to stay away from dangerous things and pursue good health has to be good.

Yes...hem for Him is the core of all He tells us and calls us to be. But as I read your posts I sense a beautiful woman of God who is honest about her natural fears.

I love reading your stories. May all be well and may the tests be over soon!!

Liesa George said...

Hi Marilyn,
Thanks for this post; was a blessing and help to me.

God bless your day.

natalie said...

I just stumbled on to your blog. I wanted to let you know how much of a blessing your writing is to me. You will be in my prayers.

God Bless,

Joyful said...

Marilyn, I just loved reading how God worked through this and brought it all together.

Praying for you my friend,
Love & hugs,