Friday, October 16, 2009

Black & White; Old & New

(Blackie, Me, and Duke this morning before our walk)

Living out in the country as we do, we have always liked having a dog around for company. When we first got married hubby had beagles for rabbit hunting. Later we had a Border Collie and a couple of Australian Heelers to help round up the cows. As time passed things changed. We sold the cows. The dogs got old and passed on. But before she got too old Gracie, our Border Collie, had a litter of pups. Five solid black and one solid white.

(Duke & Me in the fall of 1996)

The white one had this funny little way of hitching up one of his back legs as he walked. One of my sons said, "Look at that puppy! He walks like John Wayne!" We thought that was cute so we named him Duke and kept him. He has become my special dog. He loves me unconditionally I think. But he's getting old. He had his thirteenth birthday in May. I'm not sure how old that would be compared to in human years but way on up there. His hearing is getting to be almost non-existent. He doesn't bark anymore when someone drives up. So because of all that, my husband has been talking about getting a new puppy.

On Wednesday hubby brought home said new puppy. When he talked to the vet he was going to adopt the puppy from he thought they said it was about six weeks old. Turns out he's already about four months old and larger than my dog Duke! ha That's going to take some getting used to! Oh...did I forget to tell you that I'm really, REALLY afraid of dogs most of the time! Any strange dogs! But I've never, ever been afraid of my my granddaughter and I call him!

The new puppy is supposed to be a Border Collie/Black Lab mix and is solid black. We went through lots of names....Buddy, Bo, Sam,....suggested by hubby.......and Jake....suggested by me but could never agree on one. Finally while looking at the pup's soft, glossy black coat I said, "Well, what about Blackie?" Hubby responded with, "I like it!" So, Blackie he has been dubbed! He's friendly. He's well mannered. And he's smart. I think we're bonding already.

This morning just before we took Duke and Blackie for a walk I had hubby snap my picture with them. I think we were all moving around but you can get the idea of what they look like and how close to the same size they are. As I downloaded and looked at the picture later some thoughts went through my mind. I looked at the black dog on one side and the white dog on the other. It reminded me of the illustration I've heard several times in sermons. An old preacher was once asked by a younger Christian how it is possible to do what is right when it seems the devil is always tempting us to do wrong. In answer the old preacher said something like this: "I just imagine in my mind that there are two dogs living inside me....a black dog and a white dog. One of them represents my old sin nature. One of them represents my new life in Christ. Sometimes they get in a terrible fight!" The young Christian responded, "Well, which one wins?" "The one that I feed the most!" answered the old preacher. And isn't that true? If we feed our old sin nature, then we will find ourselves sinning most of the time. If we feed our new nature, we will find that it will grow stronger and more mature.

Also while looking at the picture I thought about the fact that one dog is old and one dog is new. That reminded me that when we are saved we become a new creature in Christ and that old things become new.

"Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new."(2 Corinthians 5: 17)

Looking forward to getting to know this cute little black puppy Blackie better and enjoying my faithful friend Duke as long as possible.



Elsie said...

Marilyn,that was very good....and your pictures were old and new.....did you think about that.????Ha!!!!you improved with age.....


Martha said...

I had heard that about the white dog and black dog living in us a long time ago. It is so true, isn't it. Please continue to pray for me - I really miss my sister.

Good luck with new puppy. It may give more life to Duke.

Love, Martha

Deborah said...

Your Duke looks very much like our Touckie who died a few years ago. When we moved from the farm we left her with Mom & Dad, because she had adopted them, and seemed to prefer being with them! Touckie stuck right by mom no matter what she was doing, and even nipped at a stranger who came up to them unannounced. She was tiny but very protective!
I've hear that same story...great analogy!

Ouida said...

Marilyn, how sweet. Blackie looks like a keeper. I know you'll enjoy him and Duke as long as he's there. That's smart to get one before the other one goes. It helps to bridge the gap. God bless you all.


Peggy said...

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine today!

With Love,

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Never heard that story before, but it is fabulous illustration!

What precious dogs. I know that they entertain you and keep you busy!

Liesa said...



Kay Martin said...

You and your dogs look great. When you describe your home on the farm I remember growing up part of my life on a farm. It's a good life.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, Marilyn, the puppy is so sweet! Both of them really! I do remember Duke… too well! HA! what a great watchdog he is/was.
We have LOTS street dogs here. I’ve taken up with one especially. I call her moma dog. Original, huh? HA! She is with babies now. After this I’ll have her fixed. Hubby speaks to her in Kannada and she obeys.. but hesitantly on the go word. She’s not pretty but so sweet. She can look at you sooo pitiful! She’s always at our gate watching for me and follows me wherever I go and waits outside.

Today is Diwali, “Festival of Lights”. All day and night there are firecrackers and loud bomb like things. I’m ready for it to be over now. We suffered with it all last night and now again tonight… It sounds like a war zone! I think our street is the worse. Everyone seems to be constantly firing off something. UGH!!

Better run now, I have three young’uns here watching TV and I need to send them home and do some homework.

Yolanda said...

Growing up my brother and I had a dog that was black and white mixed, we called her Blackie.

Hubs and I have a basset hound now, and her name is Daisy.

Love to you

Sandy said...

The message today was really a great one and I enjoyed it so much. I love the analogy of the black and white representing the old and the new and also the fact that there is always a battle going on in us and the one we feed will be the dominant one. I just loved it because it is so true. Thanks for sharing this today. It helped a lot.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I also notice you seem to be wearing black and white stripes! What does this say about you? (just kidding); they are just precious. I'm not a dog owner or much of a dog lover, but a beagle would be my pick should I ever get one!

Feed the good side of your soul this week, friend, and the dogs too. I imagine that make good country company.