Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall is Here!

(A dogwood tree in front of our house. It's as pretty now as it

was in the spring albeit in a different way! )

(A view of our pasture from the back porch)

(This is what I see when I look out the front door)

Fall. The favorite time of the year for husband included....but not for me. It just seems too ominous somehow. Instead of being able to enjoy all the beautiful colors and cooler weather I sometimes find myself dwelling on the soon coming of bare branches, dead leaves, snow & ice, and the barren loneliness of winter time!

I have to admit that we are having one of the prettiest fall seasons I can remember. The trees are beautiful. I do feel so privileged to be able to live out here right smack dab in the middle of them. Yesterday I went out and took some pictures in our yard. My camera does not do the colors justice though I can tell you right now.

If you know me much at all you know I like to take words or ideas and pick them apart. While walking in our driveway the other day I started thinking about the word FALL. Of course I was thinking about the autumn season that we call Fall. But then I began to think of just the word itself.

At first the associations were sort of negative.

Fall. In my mind I see the leaves "falling" from the trees and leaving them bare and ugly.

Fall. Remembering times I have fallen down and skinned knees or elbows.

Fall. Thinking of Adam and Eve and their "fall" from the Garden.

I wondered if I would think of anything positive about the word. Then a picture came to my mind. A fall that I witnessed as a teenager on a mission trip with my church. It's called Niagara Falls! I suppose in North America it would be the granddaddy of all the other waterfalls. Certainly I think the most famous for sure. This fall is beautiful. It's powerful. It takes your breath away!

The moral of this little tale? There are things that are going to come along in our lives that we don't particularly like. It's inevitable. But instead of fussing and griping about it we can find something good about it. We can try to have a "Pollyanna" attitude and find something to be happy about in every area of life.

Genesis 8: 22 "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."
So, get out and enjoy the beautiful colors of Fall.



Ouida said...

I love this, Marilyn. Thanks. And the trees are beautiful.



TJ said...

The dogwood is so colorful. I'm like you - I think I prefer the Spring.

Martha said...

Marilyn, pictures are beautiful. We are so blessed. I do love the fall and cooler weather - but I even like winter. Another positive for fall - falling in love, whether with hubby, a new baby or best of all, Jesus.

Love you, Marilyn

Elsie said...

the pictures are beautiful,wish we could go to NC now,Jay says they are beautiful there...

Deborah said...

Your photos are beautiful. We're having the opposite here....usually we have beautiful fall colors, but this year we got an early snowfall while everything was still the leaves are mostly pretty yellows, reds or least not in my yard!
My mom feels the same way you do about fall, a little me, she prefers spring.
Nice word study!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Beautiful pictures! Great post here today also Marilyn.

Leah said...

Fall is my favorite season. Our leaves are spectacularly beautiful and amazing here in North GA. One of the prettiest autumns I recall.

Most pictures do not do justice to the wonderful color God paints on the trees this time of year.

five years ago today my Daddy went home to be with Jesus and it was a beautiful fall day with the leaves coming down like confetti. I thought that perhaps the Lord threw them like confetti because one of his children had come Home!!


tiggerdaisy said...

What beautiful pictures! I live on the coast in MS and we just don't have those beautiful colors this far south! :) We have beautiful colors mind you, but none that vibrant!

My favorite season used to be Spring, but now it's Fall. It's just that little something in the air that I LOVE! Spring is a close second though--probably because it represents life anew!

Prayers and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn, It has been a while; I hope you are well. I miss blogging and visiting my many sisters in Christ. Thanks for this word. I was away for 2.5 weeks and learned a good many things about myself, ministry, and preferring others. A kind of "fall" very welcomed because I was able to do my good-byes without losing sight of God's sovereignty. I had peace and hope for what He has ordained for my tomorrows... and TODAYs.
Bless the Lord, for He is good.
Hi to Deb!!
(from old salty disciplines)

Yolanda said...


Beautiful pictures and your heart. I love fall and wished it lasted a little longer. Our fall is gone and we've already had snow, freezing rain/ice, etc. So while it is almost two months until the official call for winter, it feels like winter here.

Love YOU,

PS: Thankful for the SON that shines light when my heart feels a little like winter.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I love the stripping down of fall and even my barren branches. It reminds me that God is replacing the old with the new buds and blossoms of Spring. Without the stripping, they remain buried beneath a dying harvest.

It's the same with my soul, Marilyn. I need the ache of winter to prepare my heart for God's fresh work of spring.

Hoping you find God's peace with the season, and if you ever get lonely, light a fire, sip some cocoa and send me a line or two of your thoughts. We're in this together, friend.


Joyful said...

Fall is actually one of my favourite seasons. It's so pretty. You should see the street my parents live on. It's like the entire street is carpeted in colour. It's absolutely gorgeous.

I was married in the Fall, so maybe that makes it extra special as well :)

Love ya my friend,

Jackie said...

Hey Marilyn from Mississippi!!

Your pics are beautiful - makes me miss the dogwoods back home in Georgia .... we don't have dogwoods in AZ.....bummer!

Love your insight about "fall" and "falling". I've never seen or thought of "fall" from that perspective. Great post!

Thank you for stopping over at Fresh Oil Today! I look forward to getting to know you and will be visiting with you often on your beautiful site!

Sweet Blessings!

Runner Mom said...

Your pictures are lovely! Fall is my favorite season! Then Spring!