Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Battle With the Ladybugs

They're back! The yearly fall pilgrimage of ladybugs has begun! Yesterday afternoon I looked outside my kitchen window and saw what looked like hundreds or maybe thousands of ladybugs swarming around in the sunshine. Then I noticed that many of them had made it inside my kitchen which is on the west side of the house and gets the most sunshine of the day.

They were crawling on the ceiling fan, on the lights,

on the curtains, on the windows, etc.

And everywhere they crawl they leave a little slimy brown trail. Nasty! I will probably just wait until they run their course and go away again before trying to clean things up very much. How I hate them!

On the other hand, people who don't have to deal with these ladybugs on the enormous scale that I do seem to love the little critters! My granddaughter loves ladybugs! But mostly I think she loves the cute little cartoons of ladybugs. The real-life ones are stinky, nasty little things! I'm sorry if I offend some of you ladybug lovers. I will gladly send you a few hundred of mine as a starter if you want to raise some of your own! (smile)

I know some of you are already thinking...doesn't she know ladybugs are good? And I will admit, they do have their benefits. They have their place. Outside ! Ladybugs are very beneficial insects that eat all kinds of bad bugs. For that I'm glad. I just wish they'd stay outside where they belong! I also read that in many countries people believe ladybugs bring good luck, good weather, or can make your wishes come true. As a Christian I know that all good things come to us from God....not the ladybugs!

Sometimes sin is like the ladybug. It looks very pretty. It has a certain glamorous mystery about it. But, like the ladybugs now calling my kitchen home, when you get up close and personal with sin it has a stink to it and always leaves a messy trail behind!

"Lord, help me to remember when I am tempted by a seemingly harmless or beautiful sin, that it will take me farther from You than I want to go , and will keep me away from You longer than I ever meant to stay! Help me to say as the psalmist in Psalm 73: 28... 'But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord God, that I may declare all thy works.' Amen."



Karin said...

I never knew this about the cute, adorable little ladybugs! We only have them in small quantities - like a half a dozen that we gently scoop up and take back outside to join the rest of their family. I would also hate having an invasion though that leaves a smelly trail! No thanks! Good analogy!

Deborah said...

hehehe....we've had some years like that with the lady bugs taking over....but not this year..I never saw any, thankfully.
Great analogy!

Debra said...

I too did not know that Ladybugs were so annoying. Great comparison with sin.

We do get "Love bugs" though at certain times here!


Leah said...

Wonderful analogy!! I know that ladybugs can be very hard to get rid of and for that they are extremely annoying. I hope they leave your kitchen soon, my friend. Hope you are doing well.


Joyful said...

We had a ladybug in our bedroom a couple of weeks ago, but my reaction was quite different. I have a girlfriend in China right now adopting her little Hannah. Ladybugs have been her theme now for four years, as they represent happy adoptive families, so I can't see a ladybug without thinking of this precious little girl.

Hope your ladybugs fly away soon.
Love & prayers,

Van said...

Nice science lesson- great spiritual lesson. I am with you- they are beneficial as long as the cute little bugs STAY outside.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm with you, all bugs are outdoor bugs, ladybugs included! As it goes with bugs, so with my soul. Keep the sin OUT!

Mercy, I've never heard of a ladybug invasion. I'm afraid that might just send me over an already thinned ledge!


Beverly Wooley said...

Marilyn - I was so sorry to hear about Trudy's passing. Wish we could have come to Ripley for the visitation. Surely you and I are going to get an opportunity to meet soon.

Email me when you get a chance. I lost all my email addresses in the crash. If I hadn't had my favorite blogs linked on my side bar, I'd have lost them too!

We think we got the Trojan from allowing Race to play some online games on some "kids" sites. The computer tech told us that's a big way they get in. The major lessons I have learned are: keep current back-ups and update your virus protection every time it says it has an update (I skipped some updates because they are a bit of a pain and interrupt when I'm on the computer doing something else.)Don't know that the updates would have kept the Trojan out - it was a mighty one. But I know I wouldn't be so sick at heart over what all I've lost if I'd had more backups!

Much love, Beverly

Jackie said...

Gracious! I've never heard of being deluged by lady-bugs! Learn something new everyday!!

What a wonderful comparison to sin - looking good and somewhat glamorous but oh what a mess it is!

LOL at the ladybugs are not included in the good things that come from God........I totally feel that way about all bugs! I know they originally had purpose but as far as I'm concerned they are part of the curse!!

Thanks for sharing!

Sweet Blessings!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh my goodness, my mom is in Asheville and she is FLOODED by the ladybugs too!! It's crazy!! I have never seen anything like it before. Madness for sure!! :)