Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hot or Lukewarm. Which Do You Prefer?

The first thing that I want when I get out of bed most mornings is a cup of hot coffee! One morning several weeks ago I fixed my coffee for breakfast as I usually do. When the coffee was made I got a cup from the cabinet, put my creamer in it and poured in the hot coffee. Not! I poured in the LUKEWARM coffee! Ewww! I absolutely hate lukewarm coffee! I realized that my coffee pot had bit the dust ,so to speak, and would have to be replaced.

If you love coffee you will understand that I immediately started thinking about buying a new coffee maker! Then I remembered that we had some "Bonus Points" on our credit card that I needed to redeem before a certain time limit. I got online and looked at the prize catalog and found a very nice 12-cup DeLonghi coffee maker that I decided to order. Wouldn't you know that they were temporarily out of stock and had to back order it?? But guess what the mail carrier delivered right to my door a couple of hours ago? You guessed it! My new coffee maker.

I followed the directions and put two carafe's of water through the brew cycle before making my first batch of coffee. I decided to make it a celebration and make some of my favorite...Millstone's Caramel Truffle. Ahhhh. It smelled SO good brewing! The new coffee maker even has a cup warmer on top of it. I'm now enjoying my first cup of HOT coffee I've had (here at home) in over a month! HOT...as it should be and not lukewarm! Delicious!

I'm reminded of the Scripture in Revelation 3: 16 that says "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." The ladies in our Tuesday morning Bible study group have been discussing how we want to be unafraid to stand up and be counted for God in these perilous days we live in. I think what we mean is that we want to be "on fire" for the Lord! We want to be fiery hot and not lukewarm or cold Christians.

I've been sipping on this cup of coffee ever since I started writing this and it's still plenty warm. So, I'm satisfied with the new coffee maker. Is God satisfied with the temperature of my spiritual life though? I hope so!



Deborah said...

aaaah yes, I love my cup of hot coffee in the morning too, and there's nothing worse than taking a sip to find it's luke warm! Guess that's how God feels about us too!

Yolanda said...

Oh my stars, THIS WAS A GREAT ANALOGY! And I too, do not want to cold or lukewarm, but fiery hot for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Love YOU!

Mari said...

Coffee has gotta be HOT! And my prayer is that I am HOT for Jesus...not cold or lukewarm. Great challenge today. Enjoy the new coffee maker. I'm due for one too.

Runner Mom said...

This is a great post! Love the analogy! Not being a coffee drinker--I know!--I don't quite get the excitement over the first cup of the day! But, I truly get the connection of being either hot or lukewarm for God! Thanks so much!!

Love you!

Beverly Wooley said...

I want to be hot - passionate - about living for the Lord. But I've always wondered what it says about me that I like to drink everything lukewarm. I let my coffee sit until its nearly cold, let my iced tea sit until it's warm, and keep my bottled water in the pantry not the fridge. Didn't know I was so wierd, did you?

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Keep near the Father's flames and you'll always stay on fire for Him.

Enjoy a cup for me this weekend.