Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back Porch Friends

Hello Blogging Friends!

Welcome to my back porch! The sun's a little bit in my eyes but that's all right. I just wanted to sit and chat with y'all for a while! I've never actually sat across the table from most of you but I can imagine just how much fun it would be! We've sent text messages. We've sent birthday cards and sympathy cards. We've emailed pictures and talked on the phone. We've laughed at each others antics and cried with each others pain and sorrow.

Friends come in many colors and sizes and I'm crazy about every one of you! What would we talk about today if we were really sitting across from each other at the table on my back porch? Our kids. Our grandkids. Our churches. Our mission. Our passion. Our Lord. Oh, we would definitely not lack for things to talk about!

I thank God for each one of you who have reached out to me in the past several years since I started this adventure called blogging. You have encouraged me. You have prodded me to stretch my limitations. You have listened to me. I hope that I have been that kind of friend to you also!

Let's keep up the visiting! Whether it's on my back porch or yours!

God bless you!



Anonymous said...

Good to see you have a new blog. Love getting to see what you have each time. Glad to have you for a friend.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Would like nothing better than to sit across the table from you...

Yes, let's keep doing life together!


Yolanda said...

You and I would talk much but I think we would hug so long and so deep, that we would have to catch our breath! Love you!