Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Ordered Steps

It was a beautiful day for playing outside! For playing baseball with Granddaddy and for making silly faces with Granmamma! The sand in our driveway was hot from the sun shining all day and, of COURSE, who could refuse the temptation to kick off the Crocs and crunch those wee little toes in the golden sand for a while?  Not my grandbaby boy! He had those shoes off and was walking around and scooting his little footsies through that sand before I knew it! Since it was just still April and in this old fashioned Granmamma's mind a little too soon to be going barefoot, I called and told him to put his shoes back on.  And he did immediately! He's good like that!  And then I saw it! A little bare foot print....with a piece of broken glass maybe half an inch away from it! (If you look in the picture below, it is almost directly in the center of the picture)  Well! It just about took my breath away to see how close he had come to having perhaps an ugly gash in his little foot!
 Then I started looking around and saw quite a lot of other pieces of glass there in the driveway.  And I realized what had happened. All that week my husband and a friend had been carrying old junk cars to the recycling place and evidently one of their loads had contained something with broken glass.  Thank goodness it was the kind that breaks into tiny pieces when broken instead of long shards!  I made sure the grandbabies stayed far away from all that broken glass after that!

The minute I saw that piece of glass directly beside his little footprint, I thought about how God directs our footsteps. How He knows and sees where we're going from the time we're born until the time we die. How He kept our little one from getting a cut foot...while all the time he never even knew he was in danger!  I sometimes wonder how many times we come that close to danger and even death every day and never even know it because God moves the danger...whatever it might be...just inches or less away from us so that we're not harmed.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

I'm so glad God orders our steps and that He is even delighted to do it for us!

God bless you!



Martha said...

Sweet babies. God is so good to us. If we really comprehended His care for us in the things we take for granted, we would be overwhellmed

Yolanda said...


Love how God is in control and protecting us. Amazing love!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Heaven only knows how many pieces of glass I've been spared because of the direction of the Lord! I'm so thankful for his watchful eyes. Left on my own, I would be a complete mess.


Anonymous said...

This is Martha Greer from work The other comment must be from another Martha.
Grandchildren are a blessing from God. He knows that Grandparents will show love and be there for the grandchildren for they have more time to spend with them.
You have some beautiful grandkids and I know you love them dearly.

Sassy Granny ... said...

It's definitely a great life-lesson that coincides with your "walking in truth" focus. Thank God He goes on ahead of us, cleaning a path & making ready the ground beneath our feet.


P.S. My security words here are: pmcake buttha. Now I'm hungry for pancakes with butter :)

Tammy said...

Marilyn, I enjoy so much reading your blog! You are so thoughtful toward the tiniest glimpses that God has in this world and how he shows us examples of his love each and every day - if we are looking! God bless you!