Monday, April 14, 2014

Arrogance, Plain and Simple!

Please join me today over at Lisa Shaw's blog for my article in Women Walking with Jesus.

Here's an excerpt:

Mondays are not usually good days for me.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck! Today was no different. I was hoping to take it easy after fixing our usual “Monday lunch”….beans, rice and cornbread. Then I remembered that the dog needed to be fed. Clothes needed to be washed and dried. And I didn’t need to forget…again… to read my Bible either! I planned to eat an early lunch with my husband and then be ready to walk out the door at twelve sharp so I could carry a friend to her yearly visit to the eye doctor at one o’clock. Whew!
At twelve noon I walked out the door.  Right on time. When we arrived at the doctor’s office, I went in to make sure everything was on schedule before leaving to run some errands of my own.  As I sat in a padded, blue chair in the waiting room, I saw a young couple with a beautiful black haired little girl come in.  She looked to be in first or second grade and sounded very intelligent. I overheard her say to her mother, “Are you sure this is a children’s clinic, too?  It looks like it is just an adult clinic.”   I smiled because she sounded so grown up and serious. In a few minutes my friend was signed in and I left to do my errands.
After an hour’s shopping, I was ready to go back and see if my friend was done.  I went in the waiting room but she was not there. After looking through stacks of magazines, I found one I thought I would enjoy and sat down to read.  I did not have time to open the magazine before the daddy of the little black haired girl that I previously mentioned opened the door, walked in and promptly plopped himself down in the chair right beside me!  
Thanks for joining me here today!
May God bless you my friends!

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