Monday, October 13, 2008

People Are As Different As the Seasons!

My hubby's favorite pretty much in full swing now. As you can see in the picture of some of the trees in front of our house. The leaves are slowly turning to red, gold, orange and all the hues in between. They're also falling to the ground once the beautiful colors lose some of their brightness and turn a dullish brown. To B. it signals that it's drawing close to time to go out in the woods and hunt squirrels, or turkey, or deer ....whatever the hunting season may be. Or just a time to walk in the woods on a cool day with the leaves crunching under his feet. Or sit under a tree looking through the woods watching the squirrels hurry home with an acorn in their mouth.

But to me fall is a whole different picture. It means more darkness and less daylight. It's depressing to me to see the leaves falling and leaving bare branches. I'm not sure why but it makes me just want to get a book and a cup of hot chocolate and curl up and read.....for days! It seems like a lonesome time to me. Cloudy. Cool. Sometimes rainy. But I know that it's a necessary time. A time for the trees to rest. To be dormant.

So I did a little research on what happens to trees in the fall. It seems that the trees need to get rid of their delicate, fluid filled leaves before the approach of winter weather. The leaves use up all the chlorophyll (that's the "green" in the leaves) they have made during the summer and then the base of the leaf dries up and the leaf falls off. Thus all the openings of the tree are sealed off for the cold winter weather. And those leaves that fall....are they just in the way? Something to just be raked up and burned? Well, maybe so if they happen to be in your yard but out in the woods the fallen leaves are a useful thing. The leaves rot eventually and then make up the part of the soil that helps to hold the moisture so the trees can grow.

The passing of the seasons are fascinating in and of themselves. Some like fall. Some like winter. Some like spring (ME!) Some like Summer. But every season has it reason and its usefulness. It sometimes makes me smile to think of what a huge imagination God must have! What an artist He is! When you look at a colorful tree this fall, think of the One who gave it that beautiful color!

While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. Genesis 8: 22 KJV

I think maybe I'm beginning to look forward to fall this year after all, ya'll. :o)



Deborah said...

My Mom feels the same way as you do about fall! And like you, my favorite season is spring. My boys, however, are looking forward to winter and all the fun activities that come with it...outdoor sakating rinks, sledding...and my favorite- taking a hayride on a horse drawn sled to view all the brightly decorated houses at Christmas time!
I truly do appreciate having four seasons and look forward to each one!

Ouida said...

We have another similarity - fall is a depressing time to me also - it is like the end of something which it is. And spring if my favorite season also. I love new beginnings and a chance to start new things. I guess we'd be burning our candle at both ends if the days stayed long all the time, so I guess we need the extra rest. I know I think it's about 9 now when it's seven and I feel sleepy.

This is a good one. Take care.

Joyful said...

Marilyn, my son and I were discussing our favourite season as we walked through the beautiful camp grounds where we have our trailer on the weekend. We both agreed that Fall was our favourite...and Spring our least favourite. I guess we're exact opposites in that regard. We just find Spring damp and wet here, but I tried to encourage my son that Spring represents new life and the promise of things to come.

Whatever the season I'm in, I'm so glad God is with me!!
Love & prayers,

De'on Miller said...

I so love the fall! Spring is rough here with all the high winds that come with it.

Our seasons are not extreme here, but they make themselves known.

But I do know what you're speaking of: the loss of daylight and the feelings of being lonely. I certainly would enjoy curling up with a book today (we've had some wonderful rain that we so needed).

A beautiful message of rest. Thank you!

Leah said...

Hi friend,

We were gone part of last week camping and I had no internet access. I've missed visiting on your blog. I will be back tomorrow to get caught up.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Fall is my favorite...hands down. I love the "hunkering down" for the winter. Not sure's just the change of Fall is so profound. It teaches me much about the "stripping down" of self and allowing God to seed me for something new.

Our leaves haven't started their change quite yet. Soon.

Have a great week.


Kay Martin said...

I have looked at autumn and seen it as we people go through our "seasons." I find saints become most colorful in Christ in their "third season." Generally, they have confidence in who they are; their families are mature and don't need so much attention and they can fully dedicate themselves to their call in God. They exude "color" and announce they are on their way to glory and want to attract everyone they can while they travel to their precious Lord.

What else would you expect from an optimist totally over the top?