Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For Such a Time As This

I am amazed at how totally consumed one (ME!) can get with studying the Bible! I know...I probably think that is a lame statement! And that as a Christian I should have been consumed with Bible study for years now! Oh, I have studied the Bible. I have read it completely through many times. But I also know for a fact that I have just skimmed the surface. There is SO much there! It's like I'm an archeologist and I'm brushing away each layer of earth and finding one treasure after another.

For the past several weeks I have been involved in Beth Moore's newest Bible study called: "Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman". I was excited that I was going to get to do this Bible study with my friends at Sav-A-Life. I was excited that I was going to get to see and hear Beth teach on DVD each week. Both being part of a group Bible study and seeing Beth Moore teach on DVD would be new things for me. But I never dreamed of how once I started studying the Scriptures DEPTH....I would wonder how I could have ever read Esther over and over before and not gotten a fraction of the information from it that I am getting now!

One of the most exciting things that we have talked about is from the most famous verse in all the book of Esther. (Esther 4: 14 b....."and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?) It's exciting...and at the same time a little realize that we all live in our own little kingdoms and we were placed where we God...for "such a time as this". Your child needs YOU...not someone else....for "such a time as this". Your husband wants YOU....not another....for "such a time as this". Your employer hired YOU....not someone else....for "such a time as this". Your church needs YOU to volunteer your services...not someone else's...for "such a time as this". God wants YOU to be a witness for Him....for "such a time as this". You, you, you! Me, me me! We are right where we are supposed to be! Now are we going to do what we are supposed to do? Something to think about!

Would love to hear comments from some of the rest of you who are in small group Bible studies. Or studying on your own! What are you studying? How is your study affecting your life?

May God bless you as you live your life "for such a time as this"!



Liesa George said...

Thanks for sharing this Marilyn.
I hope to do that study sometime. Just the book cover catches my eye everytime I see it in the book store. I love Esther! "for such a time as this" -thanks for reminding me of this.

LisaShaw said...

Beautiful post and I understand what you mean. I fall in love with His word every time I read it. I find that whether teaching Bible study or meditating on my own in the Word I can see/read a Scripture more than once and each time glean something new.

I often study books in the Bible but then there are seasons where I study a subject. That's where I am now.

Enjoy your time (as am I) with the Lord in His word. Bless you Marilyn. I am enjoying your blog.

Leah said...


I have been a die-hard fan of in-depth, guided Bible study for years and years now. In the beginning I did not have the skills and tools to dig deep enough into the Word. That is where a guided in-depth study like a Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Kay Arthur study really benefits the learner. They force you to dig through the Word and mine the depths of it for yourself.

Now that I've been doing in-depth guided studies for year, I am a much better student of the Word. I praise God for bring me to my first Beth Moore study back in 2001.


Deborah said...

Thanks for posting this Marilyn...I've been so busy lately I've gotten away from studying the word, and I can feel it! Generally when I do an in depth study, I end up with a song, and that hasn't happened in a long while.

Yolanda said...


Of course, we are on the latter part of this Esther study and I stand in awe of our Creator. I am so hungry for more and more, it is like the flame just burns hotter and brighter every day. All I want to do is learn, apply and share.

May He continue to reveal to us, guide us in our lives, and direct us with application.


PS: How is that new bible coming along?

Lisa said...

Thank You for the reminder that I am where I am by His plan. I needed that today.
Blessings - Lisa

Lori said...

Hi Marilyn,
I'm in the middle of the Esther Bible Study right now. It is my
5th indepth study, and I will have to admit, that the more I do, the more hooked I get and the more I realize just how much I do not know! I love my women Bible Studies! I'm also enjoying the Chronological Bible Study with Wendy Pope. It's been an absolute treat for me to experience God's Word with gals all over the nation.

Lori - Mesa, AZ

Peggy said...

It does help in Bible study to follow along with someone.. I recall hearing a preacher on the radio a few years back teaching on
the book of Esther. The book was so interesting. Every morning I looked forward to tuning in to hear the next chapter; it really helped bring her to life for me. You and I have another common thread: We Love Esther!


Cindy said...

Hi Marilyn,

I can't begin to tell you what in-depth Bible study has meant to me. I started going to one at my church about 12 years ago. A woman at our church that was such an incredible , anointed teacher had a weekly Bible study. It lit a fire within me for The Word that has only grown stronger. I am now in a small group Bible study at Leah's(The Point) home. It began in 2001 and cannot imagine not having it.

The more I learn, the more I know I want to learn. And knowing that I can ask my group for prayer if needed and knowing that they will pray is such a blessing.

I can't wait to do the Esther study. I am so glad that you are able to participate in a small group study. I know you will be blessed in more way than you can imagine.


Joyful said...

I'm so excited about doing the Esther study, but won't be facilitating it until the Fall. I'll do my prep over the summer - I can't wait!!!!

I am currently just finishing leading Beth Moore's "Stepping Up" as well as Priscilla Shirer's, "He Speaks to Me". I'm just beginning, Bill Hybels, "Just Walk Across the Room" DVD study on Tuesday mornings and Lisa Whittle's, "Behind Those Eyes" on Monday nights. Preparing for both of these as well as writing my daily response to His Word as I journey through a chronological Bible, keeps me studying, searching and hopefully applying God's Word to my life. All this study is in vain, if God's Word is only remaining in my mind. It's not just about gaining more knowledge about God, but knowing God personally and walking with Him day-to-day.

Thanks for the reminder and application of "such a time as this",

Lynette said...

I was given 3 books by different people lately on women of the bible and have been amazed about how God uses ordinary people to do marvelous and extraordinary things, back then and now also. I took it God wanted me to explore this area of the word. As a result I got to speak to a ladies group and used the topic God Saw. He made everything and each time He said He saw that it was good. Well after sin and the fall He still Saw. He saw that a prostitute would be able to hide and help 2 spies and bring about something extraordinary. He saw that a thirsty woman would win almost a whole town and used the fact that she was a fallen woman because a decent woman wouldn't have spoken publicly with a bunch of men. And on and on He goes. And I am thankful He saw me and still uses what the world sees as a failure to spread the gospel. God bless, Lynette.