Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He is Acquainted With Our Ways


"Thou compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways." Psalm 139: 3

I'd like you all to be praying for my good friend Felesha who is the director of the Sav-A-Life Center where I volunteer. She and her family are far on the other side of the world, probably just arriving in the Ukraine as I write this. They will be there for three months as summer missionaries. This makes several years in a row that they have done this. We will sure miss her at the center but at the same time we know this is something that God has called her family to do! Thankfully, He has surrounded her every movement and is "acquainted with" all her ways!

Last week I had to miss my regular Thursday work at Sav-A-Life due to having to take another test concerning my blood pressure problem. I was so disappointed to have to miss work because I always look forward to my day each week at Sav-A-Life. And I was especially disappointed last week because I knew Felesha was to leave yesterday to fly to the Ukraine and I would not see her again for three months. When I called to tell her I was sick, we talked on the phone and planned that we would try to fit in a moment or two to see each other in the busy, busy three days she would have left.

On Friday I had to go to the lab at the hospital to sign some papers about my test. Since the hospital is located in the same town where Felesha lives I was hoping I could run over and see her for a minute. I had bought a couple of brightly colored bracelets for her and had them with me. As I walked back to my car in the hospital parking lot I was planning to call and see what she was up to. But something else must have gotten my attention because I never got my cell phone out and I cranked the car and started to leave.

I was at the exit waiting for traffic to clear so I could pull out when who should turn in the entrance to the parking lot but Felesha herself! We both had a surprised look on our faces and started waving at each other. I made a u-turn and drove back in the parking lot where she had stopped. We got out and visited for a minute and I was able to give her the bracelets and give her a goodbye hug.

You know one way I KNOW God is acquainted with our paths? Because Felesha said to me..."I don't even know how I got up here to the hospital....I was supposed to be headed the other way to the bank! I just turned in here so I could go back the other way!" I was so excited to know that God had brought her there by design just so we could say goodbye before she left! What a blessing that was!

Sometimes God is preparing our way and guiding our steps EVEN WHEN WE DON'T KNOW HE IS! Isn't that awesome!

God is good!

I pray you will see His hand in your life today!



Evelyn said...

OH.... love it!! How precious!

Faye said...

Marilyn,this was a very encouraging story.Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Faye

Lisa said...

Don't you love how God directs our paths! He has a purpose in everything.
Blessings ~ Lisa

Deborah said...

Amen! Thank's Marilyn, I needed that!

Elsie said...

Yep!God has a way of heading us in the way He wants us to go,and it might not be our way.But His way is always best.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

How awesome!

I am praying about your blood pressure problems. I finally have mine under control but still forget to take my medicine sometimes :(

Daveda said...

I love how God's undeserved favor pours out in our lives! Thanks for sharing.

I came across your blog via Blogger Appreciation week, Seven Branches. I wanted to stop by and say hello. Maybe you would like to join us this week, if so please stop over!

Leah said...

Don't you must love it when God blows your mind!! I have a feeling He does cool things way more often than we notice because we are so preoccupied with LIFE.

Have a blessed day.


Shanda said...

I found you through Blogger Appreciation Week at Daveda's blog.

What a beautiful reminder that God is always at work in our lives! Even the "little things" are meaningful and not missed by Him!

LisaShaw said...

What a sweet story Marilyn. The Lord is so GOOD! He connects His children all the time. I pray for healing over your blood pressure sweet sister and I pray for the mission God is sending your friend on. May she be safe and shine Jesus to all in her path.

Bless you dear friend.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A "God-stop" if there ever was one! What a precious time of communion. So glad you were able to connect before she left. May God bless her and her family as they bring his love and joy to the Ukraine.


Joyful said...

Oh, I love God stories!!!!! God cares about every detail of our lives and longs to bless and surprise us.

He loves you my friend...and me,