Monday, June 29, 2009

I Wonder How Sara Felt?

Last Friday morning I kept our little (almost) 7-month-old grandson while his Mama and big sister went fishing with my hubby. He is such a sweet little boy! Hardly ever cries unless he's sleepy or hungry! He's just beginning to crawl and really enjoy his toys.

After he woke up from a short nap I decided that I would put him in his stroller and take him for a walk. I thought he would enjoy being outside for a while and I knew that I needed to walk. I didn't realize how hard it is though to push a 20-plus pound baby in a stroller through spots of sand! Whew! I tried to stay on hard ground but it was nearly impossible. After about half a mile I had to call it quits!

I got to thinking about Sarah and wondering how she may have felt when she had Isaac at about age 90! My my my! She must have been in a LOT better shape than me! I'm in my middle 50's and evidently pretty out of shape! I can NOT imagine having a baby at 90! (...lo, Sarah thy wife shall have a son. And Sarah heard it in the tent door, which was behind him. Now Abraham and Sarah were old and well stricken in age; and it ceased to be with Sarah after the manner of women. Therefore Sarah laughed...." Genesis 18: 10b-12a)

For my peers in bloggy land who have had children ...or have adopted children..."late" in life....I salute you! I can not imagine how you are able to meet the demands of motherhood 24/7. I had three children in my 20' in 1977, one in 1978, and one in 1980. It was a huge job to take care of them but I was young and in much better physical shape then. God knew what He was doing when He gave babies to people UNDER 50! ha

There's just something about reaching that 50 year mark that slowed me down. But thank goodness for Grandbabies! They are SO sweet! And so loving! And.....when they go home I rest! ha ha

Yeah, I just can't imagine how Sarah felt!

GranMamma Marilyn


Deborah said...

Somehow, in spite of Sarah's age, I think she had a much better body than we do these days, at almost half her age!
Yes, it's more difficult physically caring for children after 50....but the blessings make up for it!
The other day, Danny, age 7, was wondering where he should live when he grows up. I said, "You should live with me and take care of when I'm old!"
.....yes, I told him I was kidding!

Yolanda said...

I can't either and I shared with my step-daughter this weekend that was the very reason God intened for Mom's to birth baby's at a younger age...not 50. ;-)

Love ya,

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I totally agree with you Marilyn. I am glad that at 46, those 5 precious babies are mine to borrow and give back!

I am much to old to do that full time on a regular basis.

Lisa said...

My Grandmother is 93. Here eyes are dimming, she can't hear and moves very slowly around the house. The thought of her birthing a baby at this age and handling all of the duties of a mom - no way!

Maybe a woman in her 90's back then was like a woman in her 40's now. We'll have to ask her whe we see her in heaven.

Blessings ~ Lisa

Aliene said...

Thank the Lord that we had our children young. God must have given Sara not only a baby but renewed her youth for awhile.
sometimes I think I need my strength renewed sometimes and I don't have a baby around.

I am asking that you pray for my Mom. I put it on my blog but did not get much response. I had her to E.R. twice last week and to the doctor once. I went to see her today and she will not eat, has not for almost two weeks, is very weak. Today she turned her back on Silas and me. Did not talk and would stare. I think she is giving up. This is so hard but I know God's grace is sufficient. She will be 90 in December. Just pray for the whole family. Some don't know the Lord as we do.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I think you look great, friend, even if you feel otherwise. Love your new profile picture!

It's been hard having babies in two different generations. I suppose I'll be at this, even when I'm 50. Amelia won't graduate until I'm 54! By then, I'm sure I'll have some grandkids to push ME to her graduation.


Janice said...

God gave me another baby at the age of 46! My husband was 50! We have three grown children and three grandchildren - two older than ours and one younger! Our little blessing, Caroline, is now two years old. It isn't easy caring for a little one 24/7 again! But I take comfort in knowing God knew about her before she was "knit together in her mother's womb!" When we announced our pregnancy at church, I introduced us as Sarah and Abraham! We are enjoying little Caroline and her big sisters are CRAZY about her!

Janice in Georgia