Friday, June 11, 2010

Catching Up

Last Sunday was my birthday. We always get to church early because my husband drives the church van. I use the extra time to look over my Sunday school lesson again and put the worksheets and clipboards out on each lady's chair. When I walked into my classroom and flipped on the light, I saw an envelope with my name and "Happy Birthday" written across the front lying on my teaching podium. Immediately I thought about all the sweet, sweet ladies in my class who had done this! I opened the card and saw that they had all written little notes in the cards. Precious! And to top it all off, there was a little zip lock bag with cash in it! Wow!

After a good church service we met our youngest son, his girlfriend, and our daughter for lunch. When I walked in I saw the "Happy Birthday" balloon on the table. Awwww! Our son bought our lunch and had the cutest card for me. His girlfriend had tucked a Wendy's giftcard in her card. I know I'll enjoy that! Love those Wendy's baked potatoes!

After lunch our daughter told me she had something for me in her car. She came lugging this very nice, heavyweight "Welcome" mat over to me. It will match our porch perfectly WHEN we get all this remodeling done! ha I can't wait to use it!

On Monday we met our daughter-in-law and grandbabies at McDonald's. Our 4-year-old granddaughter came running to me with something for me to "open please!"

A handmade card picturing our house and family! And more cash inside too! I've got to plan a shopping trip soon! ha

I've been just birthday-ing all week! Yesterday my husband's gift for me came via Fed-Ex. A new phone with a slider QWERTY keyboard for texting! Yea! I called to have it activated this morning but AS OF RIGHT NOW it's not happened! A little aggravated about that! Can't wait to start using it! Kept my old phone number though.

We have so much going on right now that I have not had time to read blogs much less write one lately. We have been working both outside and inside our house. Put on siding, painted, put down vinyl rug in living room, etc. Still have not gotten the furniture back in the living room yet. The rug store was out of "seam sealer" so we hope to get that today. Then will have to put the baseboards back on. Whew! Will be SO glad when this is done.

Well, guess that just about catches you up on what's been going on with me.

God is good! I'm so thankful for the years He has blessed me with and for the wonderful family and friends He has sent my way!

Hope you have a blessed weekend!



Mari said...

So glad you had such a special birthday...and by the sounds of it a special WEEK!!

Deborah said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful week! Happy belated birthday!

Karin said...

Happy Birthday to you and many exciting adventures with the Lord in the next year!

Cathryn said...

Happy Birthday indeed. You do have much to be thankful for - your family. God is good indeed. Blessings, Cathryn

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday, my friend. You will enjoy that new phone.

I've been so busy with the Bible study that I have not been on blogs much lately either. Not sure when life will return to normal. Posted this morning about something that happened to me yesterday. First post in almost a week.


Dianna said...

Happy Birthday...a little late, Marilyn! Isn't it special how different folks in our lives make our day special in their own ways?

Love that welcome mat!...and the Birthday cards from grandchildren are the best!