Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hidden Treasures

(Newest treasure: Gail Pittman storage tin)

Do any of you like treasure hunts? Finding hidden treasures? I do! It may be in a corner of my closet or up in the attic that I find something I had stored and forgotten about. Or it could be something I come across at a yard sale or thrift store. Yesterday I found one of those little "hidden treasures" at our local Salvation Army Thrift Store.

I had taken several things to donate to the thrift store yesterday so took that in the back door. Had a little extra time...which I usually don't...and decided to go in the front and look around. I found several "treasures": the movie "Gone With the Wind", a next-to-new pair of tiny white leather baby tennis shoes (which I will give to a friend or someone at Sav-A-Life) and a metal tin by Mississippi artist Gail Pittman. I spent a whopping sum of $3 and a few cents! These things someone else didn't want in their homes anymore just made my day!

I was thinking about some of the "hidden treasures" I have found in people that have come into my life. Once a week my husband and I visit the church van route. (He drives the van on Sundays) We just go by and knock on their doors and remind them that the van will be around early Sunday morning. If they're not home, we leave a flier telling what will be going on at church that week. (This weekend we'll be having a cookout after the morning service to celebrate the 4th of July)

Some of our families live in some pretty bad conditions. Some because of poverty. Some because of sin. Some have stable family lives. Some are bounced from "pillar to post" every week. Some of the families we have gotten to know well. Some have stayed strangers...of their own choice.

But all these precious people are treasures. They are hidden to many because lots of folks don't want to go inside a house trailer to visit when there are hundreds of roaches crawling on the doors, the floors, and the furniture. Or because sometimes the smell of the open garbage can beside the front door is so bad it makes you gag. Or because the baby who comes to the door with their mama has a runny nose and matted eyes and a very smelly diaper. So many things that keep these treasures hidden.

I have to admit that it's even sometimes hard for me. But God has given us so many glimpses into the lives of these "treasures" of His. He died for these people. They need to know that! We try to tell them. Some of them have learned to trust Him. Some of them already know Him. We've had several adult ladies start riding the van faithfully in the last couple of months. One of these ladies and her husband are raising about eight of their grandchildren! She has been such a blessing as we visit in her home each week.

I thought about Jesus as he "must needs go through Samaria" and how he witnessed to the woman at the well there. She was not living right. But she didn't know Jesus. There are so many people who are just like her. Will we be like Jesus' disciples who "marvelled that he talked with the woman" or will we be like Jesus and purposely reach out to those who others sometimes ignore? I hope that we can search out "hidden treasures" all around us so that we can tell them about Jesus...the One Who can give them all they've ever needed and more! As Jesus said to the woman at the well..."But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. " (John 4: 14)

Happy Treasure Hunting!


~Note~ I do not mean to imply that every one of our families live in horrid conditions. Some of the homes are very well kept and clean. Just wanted to clear that up!


Yolanda said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!


Loretta said...

WOW! That really touched my heart! You are sooooo right! We miss so many "hidden treasures" when we don't allow God to open our eyes or when He does and we refuse to see! I've told you before but I say it again - you are such a gifted writer! May I also say how blessed your church is to have you and your husband. Ya'll are so committed to the bus ministry there. There is no telling how many lives ya'll have touched with Jesus' love in that ministry. Keep on keeping on! and DON'T QUIT WRITING!!!!!!!!

Martha said...

Marilyn, What a sweet story. So many of God's treasures that we (I) ignore - most for the very reasons you mentioned. Thank you for sharing.

Love, Martha

Jackie said...

This blessed me soooo, sister!!! You've really stirred my heart and inspired me today!! Loved the photos!! Blessings to you and your husband!!

Luv, Hugs and Sweet Blessings!

Felesha said...

Good word! Needed that on this side of the world! Thanks! I am loving my devotion book you found as a treasure for me. It has been one for sure! Miss you and love you!

Peggy said...

Very well said! May God bless you richly.
Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Hidden Treasures blog. You are a treasure.

Cathryn said...

Marilyn, you are on of my most favorite of writers. I can envision what you are putting on paper and that is a great talent. Praise God He has given you this.

The past few weeks I have been working for a call center - trying to make some extra money this summer - and oh the treasures that are there. Because I have not been living the life of drugs and alcohol I actually had someone to seriously ask me if I had been living under a rock. It has been a honor to be a witness to these folk. Some times tiring but honoring. It truly is a mission field. Thank you to you and your husband for being faithful to your bus route. Blessings, Cathryn

Runner Mom said...

Marilyn, you are a treasure that God has given us! I love this post, sweet friend. I love your gentle spirit that ministers to so many. And I loved that Gail Pittman canister!!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

What a good reminder to those of us who live in the lap of luxury--which is most people who have access to a computer and know how to read a blog.

I am so guilty of staying confined within my Christian friend circle and not reaching out. Think I need to come visit you a while.


Mariel said...

what a beautiful connection from treasures to treasures!! I love it! Thank you for sharing this. Have a blessed Forth!

Tammy, said...

How inspiring! I pray today that Christ will come into my heart so that I may witness and plant a seed in someone who may not even know they need it! I need this example and to see how you two are so faithful to the Lord and to complete strangers and approaching them without fear, well I need this example. I really do.

God bless you! These people ARE treasures, for God treasures them so dearly he has sent faithful messengers to them. You! I am looking forward to hearing more and to see what happens! I was once hidden as well...and I am so thankful that I do not have to hide any longer!

Alene said...

Sweet friend, I'm learning about how incredible these treasures are. I'm loving worshiping beside them and serving them right where they are...broken, homeless, drugged, pimped, prostituted, etc. God loves each and every one of them. I love them too - my heart longs to be with them daily. Blessings girl!