Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Intentions

One day last week I received what WOULD have been my first Christmas card of the season. I said, "would have been" because all I received was what is in the picture. There was no Christmas card. There was no back of the envelope. There was only the front of the envelope and it was torn in two pieces. I'm not sure how even that made it to my rural mail box!

I was pretty sure it had at one time contained a card of some kind so sent an email to the person that sent it and asked. She said, "Yes", that it had been a Christmas card and she was very disappointed that it had not made it through the postal system in one piece!

I could not help but think that sometimes my "good intentions" end up sort of like that. I mean to send someone a get-well card. I mean to call and encourage a friend. I mean to bake a cake and take to someone in need. I mean to pray for that lost neighbor. I mean to do more Bible study. You get the picture! Sometimes I think my intentions start out "whole"...just as this Christmas card did. My intentions might bring a smile to someone's face...just as this missing Christmas card surely would have done had it gotten to me!

How many times do I mean to do something and it just never gets done? Or maybe it only gets half-way done? I need to seriously look at my good intentions and try to turn them into good actions instead!

Is there someone that would love a visit from you? Or a plate of homemade cookies? Or just a Christmas card from an old friend? This year, try to make the extra effort to really get the finished product.....whatever that may be....where it belongs instead of only having those "good intentions". That's what I'm going to try to do too! "In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works:" Titus 2: 7a



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Charles Swindoll wrote a devo one time entitled "Round Tuit". It was all about how we each need to get a 'round tuit'...then we would get those things done that we are always saying we will do when we 'get around to it'.


Tracy said...

I enjoyed your post on Walking in Truth. I found your blog after reading a post you put on Beth Moores blog site. Your encouragement to act on those things we "mean" to do was great. enjoyed the illustration as well. I also am a blogger here is the site


Martha said...

Marilyn, I have really been thinking about that this year. I always vow not to get "caught up" in the hustle and bustle, but I always do. This year I am making an effort to think what Jesus would have me do. Thank you for sharing. Hope and pray you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.
Love Martha

Anonymous said...

A great verse and a great application!
I'm glad we can stay close through your weekly emails.Hope to be able to see you all soon.

With Love,

Runner Mom said...

Marilyn, this was such a great post. You have shared so me truths that I need to work on! Thank you, sweet friend!

Stay warm!

Irritable Mother said...

Hi Marilyn,
I just read your testimony over at Leah's and wanted to come say HI - and thanks for sharing your story.
The bonus was getting to read these good thoughts about good intentions. Have a friend who needs a visit - and I'm going to do that today!


Sarah said...

How about a water buffalo?

Also wanted to invite you friend to a to a water buffalo party for India. No formal wear required, just stop by and visit

Be blessed bunches,