Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why Does It Amaze Me?

"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."
Matthew 7:7

I had the most fascinating answer to prayer last night that I could hardly wait to share today! A few days ago I had put on my status that I was looking for a copy of a little booklet that I had made years ago while teaching a Bible study on Esther.  It was compiled of quotes from many of my friends…including some of you reading this!…telling what they felt is the toughest thing about being a woman. I'm planning to teach Esther again soon and wanted to make more copies of the booklet.  Normally I keep things like that in some kind of a file…either saved onto a CD or in a folder in a filing cabinet. No one replied that they still had a copy.  I had looked high and low for three straight days--and I mean that literally!  I looked in storage under the bed, from the top of my bookcase to the bottom, and checked every CD that was labeled with any kind of Sunday school material.  Nothing!

So yesterday I just gave up and said to God, "OK. I can not find it! If you want me to have this booklet You'll have to just drop it in my lap!" And then I stopped looking.

Last night just before bedtime I checked my email. Almost every day I have to delete spam emails that ''say'' they are comments on one of my blogposts (I have to approve all comments before they will post) but in reality they are usually just disguised advertisements.  I can usually tell at a glance if it's spam or a real person just posting anonymously by the title of the blogpost listed. If it's a recent post, then it might be legitimate. If it's the title of some post years ago, then almost always it's spam.  The one last night had a post title that I almost didn't recognize. It said "Our Red Book". And then I caught my breath!  That's what the name of the little booklet I had been searching for all this week was named and I had forgotten that after all these years! Could it be, could it possibly be, that I had written a blogpost that included exactly what I needed?

The email was entirely in some kind of language that doesn't use our print…probably Chinese. Of course I could not read a word of it. So I knew without a doubt it was spam. Heavenly spam ''dropped into my lap'' from heaven!  I clicked on the link to Our Red Book and sure enough, there it was!  All printed out in black and white. God made it so easy for me! Now all I have to do is copy and paste instead of having to re-type all of it. I began thanking and praising the Lord for answering my prayer and for spoiling me like He does. I know I went to sleep last night smiling! And I'm still smiling today!

God bless you,



Bernadine said...

So awesome how God answers prayer!

Wanda said...

This makes me smile. It still amazes me that he cares about the simple requests of mine.

Lisa Shaw said...

The Lord is good!!! It's an incredible blessing to know how much God loves us and His faithfulness keeps my jaw dropped in awe of Him and my heart overwhelmed with His love!

Love you Marilyn!