Tuesday, May 13, 2008

He Didn't Read the Note

Yesterday was a typical Monday. Dirty dishes in the sink from Sunday. Dirty clothes in the laundry from the weekend. Tired and aching bones from the busy weekend and the storms. But a beautiful day outside weather-wise. A great day to get caught up on my over-due chores. Only.....do you remember those new glasses I wrote about a few weeks ago? One pair of them was great! And one pair of them was NOT great! I could not use them when playing the piano at all. So I had called Eyemasters and they said, "Bring them back!" After looking at the beautiful sunny day yesterday morning and not wanting to put off driving over sixty miles to Eyemasters on a possibly rainy day in the future, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to go get my glasses redone at once. I called a friend and asked if she would like to ride to the "big city" with me and she quickly agreed. Then I got a load of clothes in the wash, got the dishwasher loaded, cooked a quick dinner for my husband, got myself ready and then even put hubby's supper for work in the plastic containers I use to put in his lunch box. I had them waiting in the fridge for him since I would not be back before he left for work. He usually works second shift and I always pack him a huge supper in a lunchbox/cooler. Yesterday I even wrote him a note listing everything that I had ready for him and taped the note to the cooler. I had EVERYTHING as ready as I could possibly get it and was able to leave the house before 10:30 a.m. I was quite proud of myself! (Because sometimes I am pretty slow!)

My friend and I had a great day out once we got started. I left my glasses at Eyemasters to be fixed (they had originally cut off too much of the reading field at the bottom of my progressive lenses!) and we headed to shop. First stop was Lifeway Christian Bookstore. We looked and looked. She got a book for her granddaughter but I left empty handed. I was hoping to find a CD of Patch the Pirate for my grandbaby but it was nowhere to be found there. We went to a couple of other stores and then our tummies told us it was time to eat! We went to one of my favorite places.....Chick-Fil-A. Ummmm...yummy! I had their deeeelicious grilled chicken sandwich w/ waffle fries and a diet Dr.Pepper. After that we were ready to pick up my glasses and head for home after a quick trip by the grocery store.

When I got home and started putting my groceries up, I opened the refrigerator to put the milk in. Lo and behold right there on the top shelf was a small bottle of cranberry juice and a bottle of Arizona Green Tea that I had waiting for B. to pack in his lunchbox! And I had written it on the note too! So, when he called me on his break to make sure I had made it home all right I asked him, "Why did you not take your juice and tea today?" He a little sheepishly replied, "I didn't read the note until I got to work!" I couldn't help but laugh when he said that. "True to form I thought!" He's the type that only reads the instructions as a last resort when putting something together! :)

This morning I was smiling to myself again about it and it came to me that we are sometimes the same way with the "notes" that God has left us. The Lord could say to us,for instance: "Why aren't you using wisdom today?" We might answer that we don't feel we have any wisdom. He might say, "Did you not know that I told you I would give you wisdom if you asked?" And would we reply......"I didn't read the note!"

B. did without two of his favorite drinks last night because he didn't read the note. Let's not do without any of the wonderful things God offers us simply because we didn't read the note!

I John 1: 4 "And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full."

May God bless you today!


Deborah said...

Great post Marilyn! and when we don't read the note, we're not just missing some tea or juice...we're missing the living water!

Jana said...

What a great reminder! I think that must be a male trait! If something gets put together in our house I have to read the instructions to Doug.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Forgetting to read the note...

You hit the nail on the head, only sometimes I don't forget to read...I pick other options instead and always leave hungry!

Thanks for sharing~elaine