Friday, May 16, 2008


This picture is the view I have when I look out the window above my kitchen sink. See the sand rock sitting on the edge of the rail just next to the hand railing? Does it look a little bit like a bird to you? Please say yes! Maybe not in the picture but I can't number the times that I have just quickly looked up or caught a glimpse of this rock out of the corner of my eye and thought....."A bird!".....and almost immediately thought...."'s a rock!" I'm not sure why I keep forgetting. I think it's just that quick glimpse that does me in! I thought that maybe I was really losing it by thinking of a bird every time I looked out the window but then B. came in one day and said, "Have you seen your bird sitting on the railing?" O.K. Now I know where it came from! B. put it there! It reminded him of a bird to him, too, so I guess I'm not delusional after all. ha

The rock is sort of an illusion....."something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression". It reminds me so much of a bird when I glance at it but in reality it's just a sand rock picked up from around our farm somewhere. But sometimes don't we look at things in life like that? Things sometimes look like what they're not. The devil is a master illusionist. He can make something evil, addictive, and life-threatening look like something beautiful and wonderful that we think we can't live without. We need to take time to look closely and make sure what we think we see is really what is there. See if it consists of the truth of God's Word and not the falsehood of the devil's lies. It might save us a lot of future heartache or embarrassment. I'm not sure today's post has made any sense to anyone except little sand rock may look only like a rock to you and nothing like a bird.....but it's something that God has used to etch a picture of truth in my heart today.

Psalm 119: 128 "Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right; and I hate every false way."

May God bless you today.....


*******Here's an Update on "Illusions"*******


Deborah said...

Great post Marilyn!
I'm not sure I see a bird...but it does look like some kind of critter...maybe a squirrel...except there's no bushy tail...I'd say a gopher, but I've never seen a gopher on a railing!
Have a nice weekend!

De'on Miller said...

Just stopping by searching for your pearls!

Will be busy getting ready for Memorial Day and wanted to wish everyone a safe and peaceful one.

lori said...

Great blog you have here. And I would have thought bird every time too

Linda said...

I think that is a perfect analogy Marilyn - and very insightful. The enemy has a way of disguising and imitating and we must be very careful not to be taken in.
Thanks so much for your lovely comment and for visiting my blog. It is so nice to meet new friends. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.
Oh - and I think it really does look like a bird. We have a rock on the little wall by our driveway that looks like an old fashioned shoe!