Thursday, January 22, 2009

My First Give-Away

***UPDATE! *****
(I am extending the deadline to get your comment in for the drawing for the Precious Feet Pin until midnight Sunday.)

Hello readers! What a blessing you are! Thanks to those of you who check every day and those who come from time to time to see if my keyboard has been tapping out a message lately.

I could not let today pass without writing something. Today is January 22. The 36th anniversary of
Roe v. Wade, the United States Supreme Court case that overturned all state and federal laws outlawing or restricting abortion. What a sad day this was back in 1973. Millions of babies have lost their lives because of this court case.

Our local Crisis Pregnancy Center tries to give women information about options other than abortion. I have been thinking about doing a "Give-Away" on my blog but just had not decided what it would be. That is, until today.

On one of our counters in the center we have a basket filled with Pro-Life items and as I walked past it this afternoon I knew what I wanted to offer you for my first Give-Away on my blog! The "Precious Feet" pin! It can be worn on your clothing and is the exact size of the feet of most babies at 10 weeks after conception. It has been the International Pro-Life symbol for 25 years. It's a great conversation starter and lets people know where your heart is.

If you would like to be entered into a drawing for this pin just leave a comment. Or if you receive this via email, just send an email comment and you will be in the drawing also. Please leave comment or send email before 4:00 p.m. (central time) on Saturday. (
Make sure you put your email address in the comment you leave if you do not have it on your Profile page. Thanks! ) I will announce the winner on Monday.

"I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live." Deuteronomy 30: 19

God bless you!



Leah said...

What a great give away!! I would love to be entered.


Deborah said...

Hi Marlyn! You can enter me! I'd love to have those little feet!

Lisa said...

As an adoptive parent, I'm so grateful that a young 15 year old girl chose life and gave my husband and I the most wonderful gift - our son. Thank You for the work you do at CPC.
Blessings - Lisa

Penless Thoughts said...

Hi Marily, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. I am always delighted to "meet" someone new in blogland.

Peggy said...

(Left an email comment)

Elsie said...

How sweet of you,you know I would like to have one and if you will tell me the cost,will be glad to send you the money.

Kay Martin said...

Thank you for the reminder of the history of this important fight.

Thank you and all the volunteers and workers throughout our land who faithfully invest hours and love into the mothers and babies that are so precious to our Lord and to us.

God bless you richly.

Myra said...

Please enter me in your ‘give-away’.

I look so forward to getting your messages – lifts my spirits each time I get one!

Thank you so much.

Yolanda said...

Thank you Miss Marilyn

Annette L. said...

(email entry)

virginia diamante said...

I've always wanted one of those. Please put my name in.


Rhonda Jackson said...

Thanks for reminding us today of the importance of prayer for those considering abortion.

Please put my name in the "give away".


Leebird said...

Hi Marilyn! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I lost track of you! :) Regarding books that could help you see how precious you are in God's sight....I just finished a blog study with some other ladies of "Behind Those Eyes" by Lisa Whittle. It was (pardon the pun) eye opening! Also, I love Beth Moore's book "Believing God." I think a lot of issues with low self worth stem from not seeing ourselves the way God does. You know? Anyhoo....I'm working on it!

Love you, Lee