Tuesday, July 28, 2009

City Slicker or Country Bumpkin....God Provides

Song of Solomon 2: 12-13

“The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land: The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell….”

As I read over these verses of Scripture, I was yet again overwhelmed by the tender love and provision our LORD has for us!


And grapes! (Mississippi Muskadines)

All these He has put right in my yard!

I originally wrote these thoughts down today in a spiral notebook while sitting at the kitchen table in my Daddy’s house. My stepmother has been sick and us kids are taking turns staying with her. Up until I got married this was home to me. As I look around today there are many memories here. And a lot of random thoughts. Such as wondering how long it would take me to adjust to hearing traffic all night again. Or how it would feel to have streetlights lighting up the sky if I walked outside at night.

I grew up in “town”. Not a big city, but large enough that I was a “city girl”. Living only perhaps the length of a football field from the main highway that ran through our town there were very few totally silent times. Even in the dead of night. There was never a time when there was total darkness unless the electricity happened to go out on a stormy night because there were so many bright street lights lining our street.

Where I live now is totally different. When we have company usually the first words out of their mouth is, “It’s so QUIET here!” And most of the time it is. But sometimes the crickets and birds get louder than you can imagine. We’ve had visitors who have asked how we can sleep at night with the Whippoorwills calling so loudly to each other. My awfullest sound has to be when I hear a pack of coyotes howling though! Ewww! It makes my skin crawl.

And the lights here! On a clear night it seems you can see a million stars in the velvety black sky untouched by any manmade lights. But on a cloudy night….watch out! It can be so dark that if you go outside without a flashlight you could not see your hand in front of your face!

As I look out the window of my Daddy’s house I realize that in spite of all the differences there are some things alike. All of the same things that God has placed in my yard are also here in my Daddy’s yard. Flowers. (I think my step-mother must have a BRIGHT green thumb!) Singing birds. Fig bushes loaded with green figs. And a grape vine heavy with bronze Scuppernongs (wild grapes).

So it seems that, town or country, God provides!



Lisa said...

Your vivid description makes me want to stop by for a visit! Like you, sometimes the beauty of God's creation and the bounty of His provision just takes my breath away.
Blessings ~ Lisa

Leah said...

Figs and muscadines!! Heavenly!! I love both of them. The pictures are beautiful and God has blessed all of us so much with the very landscape of nature.

Hope you are doing well. Praying for your family.


Yolanda said...

In all honesty, I don't think I've had either one of them. (Remember the rhubarb story?) :-)

You have such wisdom, Miss Marilyn. To realize that it doesn't matter where we are, we can still walk with God and that He is the same. He provides...MIGHTILY.


Runner Mom said...

Hey, Marilyn! This was such a wonderful post! The peace and quiet of the country is almost deafening until you start to hear the symphony that God orchestrates! From the crickets to the yucky coyotes, we hear from Him!

Have a wonderful day, my friend!

Tulabell said...

I was just noticing that the other day as well. We were out shopping for flowers for our new flower bed and I just can't believe all the abundance of colors, textures, smells, everything God provides anywhere and everywhere. Fruit, vegetables, flowers, animals, it is amazing how he loves us to give us such a wide variety for our enjoyment!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I just love muscadine jelly! We used to have them growing in the backyard - we live in the country too and I also grew up in the city! My fella made a country girl out of me. Well.... in some ways!

Susan said...

Oh how neat. Thanks for sharing this.

Blessings my friend♥

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

This was a great post..Just had a few minutes to visit some of my blog friends tonight.......We have had an eventful summer...and my blog time has been little...always enjoy my visit to your blog.