Friday, November 4, 2011

A Month of Thankfulness: Day 4

Living Thankful: Day 4.....I'm thankful for the Bible....the written Holy Word of God. If it wasn't written down there's no telling what it would have turned into by now! So glad God can and does preserve His Word.

For 20-plus years, I taught Sunday school classes to small children. Often when I wanted to emphasize the importance of the written Word of God, we would play a game called "Gossip". You probably know the one I mean. I would have all the children line up and then I would whisper a sentence about some silly something to the first child. He was supposed to then turn and whisper the exact same thing to the next person in line and this was to go on down the line until it reaches the person on the end. At that point, I would ask that last person what it was he heard. It was NEVER...and I repeat NEVER...the same sentence as I had whispered to the first child! They always got a kick out of playing that and it proved the point very well. If something is repeated by mouth the chances of it getting twisted along the way are very great. On the other hand if we have something written down we can always go back to it and see for sure what it says.

"Thy WORD have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee." Psalm 119:11

What are you thankful for today?


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Sue said...

Great analogy Marilyn. I too am so thankful for God's written Word.